Upcoming Practical Exams

Below is a chronological listing of upcoming practical exams. To register for a practical exam please click on the link in the listing below. Learn more about the practical exam sites and the registration process.

DateTitleStateEvent Code
10/27/2018Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke, VAVAPE102718A
8/17/2018University of Texas, Austin, TX`TXPE081718B
8/18/2018Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TXTXPE081818A
8/11/2018Texas State Technical CollegeTXPE081118C
8/14/2018Statford University, Baltimore, MDMDPE081418A
10/8/2018Starford University, Glen Allen, VAVAPE100818A
9/29/2018Renton Technical CollegeWAPE092918A
9/29/2018Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NYNYPE092918B
11/11/2018Oklahoma State University, Okmulgee, OKOKPE111118A
9/8/2018Navajo Technical University, Crownpoint, NMNMPE090818A
10/7/2018Montgomery County Community College, Lansdale, PAPAPE100718A
7/20/2018Louisiana Culinary Institute, Baton Rouge, LALAPE072018A
10/13/2018Lincoln Culinary Institute, Shelton, CTCTPE101318A
9/6/2018Joint Culinary Center of Excellence (JCCoE), Fort Lee, VAVAPE090618A
8/10/2018Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, ININPE081718A
11/16/2018Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, ININPE111618A
10/5/2018Culinary Institute of VirginiaVAPE100518A
8/17/2018Culinary Institute of Charleston at Trident Technical CollegSCPE081718C
8/25/2018Columbus Culinary Institute, Columbus, OHOHPE082518A
11/3/2018Columbus Culinary Institute, Columbus, OHOHPE110318A
8/27/2018Bonita Bay Club, Bonita Springs, FLFLPE082718A
8/11/2018Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham, Durham, NCNCPE081118A
9/15/2018Art Institute of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZAZPE091518A
8/11/2018Art Institute of Houston, Houston, TXTXPE081118B
7/30/2018Art Institute of Atlanta, Atlanta, GAGAPE073018A
8/6/2018Anne Arundel Community College, Glen Burnie, MDMDPE080618A