Upcoming Practical Exams

Below is a chronological listing of upcoming practical exams. To register for a practical exam please click on the link in the listing below. Learn more about the practical exam sites and the registration process.

DateTitleStateEvent Code
3/2/2018Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, ININPE030218A
3/3/2018Renton Technical CollegeWAPE030318A
3/10/2018Columbus State Community CollegeOHPE031018A
3/17/2018Art Institute of Houston, Houston, TXTXPE031718A
3/17/2018College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, ILILPE031718B
3/24/2018Scott Community College, Bettendorf, IAIAPE03248B
3/24/2018Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke, VAVAPE032418A
3/25/2018Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PAPAPE032518A
3/26/2018Art Institute of Atlanta, Atlanta, GAGAPE32618B
4/6/2018Stratford University, Alexandria, VAVAPE040618A
4/7/2018Navajo Technical UniversityNMPE040718A
4/8/2018Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, NENEPE040818A
4/14/2018Westmoreland County Community College, Youngwood, PAPAPE041418A
4/15/2018Oklahama State University, Stillwater, OKOKPE041518A
4/21/2018Art Institute of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZAZPE042118D
4/21/2018Johnson & Wales UniversityRIPE042118A
4/21/2018University of Akron/The Crystal Room, Akron, OHOHPE042118C
4/22/2018El Centro College, Dallas, TXTXPE042218A
4/23/2018E.S. BOCES - Milliken Tech Center, Oakdale, NYNYPE042318A
4/28/2018Dorsey Schools Culinary Academy, Pontiac, MIMIPE042818A
4/28/2018Hocking College, Nelsonville, OHOHPE042118B
4/28/2018Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NYNYPE042818B
5/5/2018Lincoln Culinary Institute, Shelton, CTCTPE050518A
5/22/2018Savannah Technical CollegeGAPE052218A
5/23/2018Madison College, Madison, WIWIPE052318A
6/8/2018Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, Asheville, NNCPE060818A
6/9/2018Columbus State Community CollegeOHPE060918A
7/3/2018Pulaski Technical College, Little Rock, ARARPE070318A
7/20/2018Louisiana Culinary Institute, Baton Rouge, LAOHPE072018A
8/10/2018Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, ININPE081718A
8/25/2018Columbus Culinary Institute, Columbus, OHOHPE082518A
9/29/2018Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NYNYPE092918B
9/29/2018Renton Technical CollegeWAPE092918A
10/8/2018Starford University, Glen Allen, VAVAPE100818A
10/13/2018Lincoln Culinary Institute, Shelton, CTCTPE101318A
11/3/2018Columbus Culinary Institute, Columbus, OHOHPE110318A
11/16/2018Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, ININPE111618A