Upcoming Practical Exams

Below is a chronological listing of upcoming Practical Exams. To register for a practical exam please click on the link in the listing below. Learn more about the Practical Exam sites and the registration process.

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 DateTitleState or ProvinceEvent Code
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select9/22/2014Rel Maples Institute for Culinary Arts At WSCC, Sevierville,TNPE092214APE092214A
select9/29/2014Shadow Wood Country Club, Bonita Springs, FLFLPE092914APE092914A
select10/4/2014Atlantic Cape Community College, Worthington Campus, AtlantiNJPE100414BPE100414B
select10/4/2014Le Cordon Bleu, Mendota Heights, MNMNPE100414CPE100414C
select10/11/2014Culinary Institute of Charleston At Trident Technical CollegSCPE101114APE101114A
select10/11/2014Erie Community College, Williamsville, NYNYPE101114CPE101114C
select10/11/2014Joliet Junior College, Joliet, ILILPE101114BPE101114B
select10/13/2014Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NCNCPE101314APE101314A
select10/16/2014Academy of Arts, Career and Technology, Reno, NVNVPE101614APE101614A
select10/19/2014State University of New York At Delhi, Delhi, NYNYPE101914APE101914A
select10/24/2014IvyTech Community College, Indianapolis, ININPE102414APE102414A
select10/24/2014Louisiana Culinary Institute, Baton Rouge, LALAPE102414BPE102414B
select10/25/2014Johnson & Wales University, Denver, COCOPE102514CPE102514C
select10/25/2014The Art Institute of Las Vegas, Henderson, NVNVPE102514APE102514A
select11/2/2014Anne Arundel Community College, Glen Burnie, MDMDPE110214APE110214A
select11/7/2014Career and Technical Academy, Sioux Falls, SDSDPE110714APE110714A
select11/8/2014Columbus Culinary Institute, Columbus, OHOHPE110814APE110814A
select11/8/2014Culinary Institute of Platt College, Tulsa, OKOKPE110814FPE110814F
select11/8/2014Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Cambridge, MAMAPE110814CPE110814C
select11/8/2014Lincoln Culinary Institute, Hartford, CTCTPE110814BPE110814B