Upcoming Practical Exams

Below is a chronological listing of upcoming practical exams. To register for a practical exam please click on the link in the listing below. Learn more about the practical exam sites and the registration process.

DateTitleStateEvent Code
2/10/2017Culinary Institute of Virginia, Norfolk, VAVAPE021017A
2/11/2017Renton Technical College, Renton, WAWAPE021117A
2/25/2017Art Institute of CA - Inland Empire, San Bernardino, CACAPE022517A
3/3/2017Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, ININPE030317A
3/4/2017Art Institute of Houston, Houston, TXTXPE030417B
3/4/2017The Art Institute of California, North Hollywood, CACAPE030417A
3/5/2017L'Ecole Culinaire - St. Louis, St. Louis, MOMOPE030517A
3/10/2017Culinary Institute of Michigan, Muskegon, MIMIPE031017A
3/11/2017Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Boston, Cambridge, MMAPE031117A
3/25/2017Scott Community College, Bettendorf, IAIAPE032517A
4/8/2017Mott Community College, Flint, MIMIPE040817A
4/8/2017Virginia Western Culinary Institute, Roanoke, VAOHPE040817B
4/15/2017Career and Technical Academy, Sioux Falls, SDSDPE041517A
4/21/2017Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RIRIPE042117A
4/29/2017Renton Technical College, Renton, WAWAPE042917A
4/29/2017WSU Hospitality Kitchen, Pullman, WAWAPE042917B
5/6/2017Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Boston, Cambridge, MMAPE050617A
5/20/2017Southern Maine Community College, South Portland, MEMEPE052017A
6/2/2017Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, Asheville, NNCPE060217A
8/18/2017Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, ININPE081817A
9/30/2017Renton Technical College, Renton, WAWAPE093017A
11/17/2017Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, ININPE111717A
11/18/2017Renton Technical College, Renton, WAWAPE111817A
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