Lifetime Certification

ACF offers Lifetime Certifications to recognize chefs who have demonstrated a lifetime of commitment and dedication to the culinary profession. Lifetime certificants are great leaders in our industry and encourage and motivate others to achieve excellence in the profession.

Lifetime certifications are available for certified chefs who reach the age of 62 or who by the age of 55 are fully retired from the industry. Certified chefs who retire before reaching the age of 55 for disability reasons can also apply. Please complete a PDF Lifetime Certification Application.

Recent Lifetime Certifications

Join ACF in congratulating cooks and chefs who have received lifetime certifications within the past 180 days.

Click here to contact the ACF Certification Department.

ACF Birmingham Alabama Chapter (AL012)

June 2018Douglas Allen, CECHelena, ALCEC

ACF Central Arkansas Cooks Association, Inc. (AR012)

February 2018Edward J. Hornyak, III, CEC, AACEureka Springs, ARCEC

ACF Chefs de Cuisine Association of California (CA013)

February 2018Daniel A. Drumlake, CEC, CCE, CCA, AACSylmar, CACCE

Chefs de Cuisine Association of San Diego (CA063)

March 2018Bradley L. Peters, CCC, CCERedding, CACCE
Bradley L. Peters, CCC, CCERedding, CACCC

ACF Colorado Chefs Association (CO013)

June 2018Michael J. Campe, CEC, AACLakewood, COCEC

Connecticut Chefs Association (CT011)

February 2018William C. Apicerno, CECManchester, CTCEC

ACF Nation's Capital Chef's Association (DC011)

June 2018Jack A. Batten, CECUpper Marlboro, MDCEC
July 2018Vincent Brennan Hurley, CECNorth Potomac, MDCEC

Delmarva Chefs & Cooks Association (DE011)

April 2018Mark S. Mayers, CEC, AACBerlin, MDCEC

ACF First State Chefs Association (DE021)

April 2018Keith J. Miller, CECWoodstown, NJCEC

ACF Central Florida Chapter (FL021)

June 2018Flavio Tagliaferro, CECWinter Park, FLCEC

ACF Palm Beach County Chefs Association (FL041)

June 2018Chris J. Northmore, CMPCJupiter, FLCMPC

ACF Tampa Bay Culinary Association Inc (FL051)

March 2018Stephen M. Afflixio, CEC, AACTampa, FLCEC
Nancy Floyd, CCTampa, FLCC

ACF Greater Miami Chapter Epicurean Club (FL071)

April 2018Paul E. Galadza, CECMiami, FLCEC
June 2018Gerard F. Lewis, CECMiami, FLCEC

ACF St Augustine Chapter (FL101)

March 2018Phillip M. Brown, CSCSaint Johns, FLCSC
April 2018Randy B. Green, CEC, CEPC, CCEJacksonville Beach, FLCCE
Randy B. Green, CEC, CEPC, CCEJacksonville Beach, FLCEC
Pamela Mirelson, CCSaint Augustine, FLCC
Robert N. Mirelson, CCSaint Augustine, FLCC

ACF Sarasota Bay Chefs Association (FL131)

May 2018Gary W. Hild, CECPunta Gorda, FLCEC

ACF Gulf to Lakes Chefs & Cooks Association, Inc (FL201)

July 2018James L. Aro, CEC, CCEEustis, FLCEC

American Culinary Federation (ACF) - Atlanta Chefs Association, Inc. (GA011)

February 2018Patrick Boutier, CEC, CCAAtlanta, GACEC
March 2018Michael P. Bologna, CEC, CCE, AACWoodstock, GACCE
Ray Farmer, CECAtlanta, GACEC
June 2018Eric Jonathan Karell, CEC, CCA, AACJohns Creek, GACEC
Eric Jonathan Karell, CEC, CCA, AACJohns Creek, GACCA

ACF of Iowa (IA022)

February 2018Melanie Bower, CCDes Moines, IACC

ACF Chefs de Cuisine of the Inland Northwest (ID053)

February 2018Robert A. Lombardi, CEC, CEPC, CCE, AACOtis Orchards, WACEC
Robert A. Lombardi, CEC, CEPC, CCE, AACOtis Orchards, WACCE
Robert A. Lombardi, CEC, CEPC, CCE, AACOtis Orchards, WACEPC

ACF Greater Indianapolis Chapter (IN012)

June 2018Michael R. Vlasich, CEC, AACPalmetto, FLCEC

ACF Kentucky Chapter (KY012)

April 2018Brenda W Harrington, CCEWinchester, KYCCE

ACF New Orleans Chapter (LA012)

April 2018Marshall D. Welsh, CECThibodaux, LACEC

ACF Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association (MI012)

March 2018Nancy R. Davis, CC, CPCArmada, MICC
Nancy R. Davis, CC, CPCArmada, MICPC
June 2018Joan L. Graham, CCSaint Clair Shores, MICC
Jeffrey S Wolf, CCCShelby Twp, MICCC

ACF Capital Professional Chefs & Cooks Association of Greater Lansing Michigan (MI022)

February 2018James A. Cummings, CCCLansing, MICCC

ACF Greater Grand Rapids Chefs Association (MI032)

February 2018Michael D. Whitman, CECLowell, MICEC
March 2018Brian Brookman, CECAlto, MICEC

Chefs de Cuisine Association of St Louis Inc (MO012)

March 2018John E. Bogacki, CEC, CCE, AACSaint Louis, MOCEC
John E. Bogacki, CEC, CCE, AACSaint Louis, MOCCE

American Culinary Federation Chefs of Charlotte Inc. (NC011)

February 2018Susan Yelliott-Batten, CEC, CCECharlotte, NCCEC
Susan Yelliott-Batten, CEC, CCECharlotte, NCCCE

ACF Chefs Las Vegas (NV013)

February 2018Heinz Lauer, CECLas Vegas, NVCEC

ACF Professional Chefs / Cooks Assn of Rochester (NY051)

May 2018Bradley D. Butler, CECPittsford, NYCEC

ACF of Greater Buffalo New York (NY061)

April 2018Mark G. Wright, CEC, AACBuffalo, NYCEC

ACF Syracuse New York Chapter (NY121)

March 2018Anthony J. Kveragas, CEC, CCAIthaca, NYCEC

ACF Chefs and Cooks of the Catskill Mountains (NY161)

March 2018Gerard J. Murphy, CEC, CCEAndes, NYCCE
Gerard J. Murphy, CEC, CCEAndes, NYCEC

ACF Columbus Chapter (OH021)

February 2018John T. Edwards, CECPlain City, OHCEC
April 2018Linda S. Meoak, CECColumbus, OHCEC
May 2018James Taylor, CEC, AAC, MBAGrove City, OHCEC

ACF Greater Cincinnati Chapter (OH031)

July 2018Douglas G. Salgado, CCLiberty Twp, OHCC

ACF Akron-Canton Cooks and Chefs Association (OH051)

March 2018Alice M. Frame, CPCAkron, OHCPC

ACF Culinary Arts of Oklahoma (OK032)

February 2018Mark Cochran, CEC, CCA, AACEdmond, OKCEC
Mark Cochran, CEC, CCA, AACEdmond, OKCCA

ACF Greater Charleston South Carolina Chapter (SC011)

April 2018Stephen J. Boyle, CCCCharleston, SCCCC

ACF Upstate South Carolina Chapter (SC021)

February 2018Brenda T. Buchik, CCTaylors, SCCC

ACF Middle Tennessee Chapter (TN012)

April 2018Michael E. Adams, CECMadison, TNCEC

ACF Virginia Chefs Association (VA011)

June 2018Arnold Carl Preib, II, CSCGloucester, VACSC

ACF Washington State Chefs Association (WA013)

February 2018Daniel Martinson, CCEOlympia, WACCE

ACF National Member

February 2018Michael L. Weeks, CEPCCathedral City, CACEPC
James E. White, CECEvansville, INCEC
March 2018Joseph T. O'Donnell, CECKrum, TXCEC
April 2018Jaime O. Arias, CCHeber, CACC
May 2018Antonio Boies, CECSlidell, LACEC
June 2018Thomas L. Campbell, CECPotomac, MTCEC
Dennis W. Umberg, CECCincinnati, OHCEC

No Chapter Affiliation

March 2018Robin L. Anderson, CCCWellman, IACCC
Jeffrey P. Miller, CECFort Collins, COCEC
Wendy R. Roskin, CCCAltadena, CACCC
Mitchell Watford, CEC, CCEHaymarket, VACEC
Mitchell Watford, CEC, CCEHaymarket, VACCE
April 2018Derek Stephen Rivers, CECSaint Johns, FLCEC
June 2018Thomas O. Messina, CECStonington, CTCEC
July 2018Gary Beaubien, CWPCWarren, MICWPC
Charles W. Guiswite, CEPC, CCALos Lunas, NMCEPC