Lifetime Certification

ACF offers Lifetime Certifications to recognize chefs who have demonstrated a lifetime of commitment and dedication to the culinary profession. Lifetime certificants are great leaders in our industry and encourage and motivate others to achieve excellence in the profession.

Lifetime certifications are available for certified chefs who reach the age of 62 or who by the age of 55 are fully retired from the industry. Certified chefs who retire before reaching the age of 55 for disability reasons can also apply. Please complete a PDF Lifetime Certification Application.

Recent Lifetime Certifications

Join ACF in congratulating cooks and chefs who have received lifetime certifications within the past 180 days.

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ACF Central Arkansas Cooks Association, Inc. (AR012)

February 2018Edward J. Hornyak, III, CEC, AACEureka Springs, ARCEC

ACF Chefs de Cuisine Association of California (CA013)

February 2018Daniel A. Drumlake, CEC, CCE, CCA, AACSylmar, CACCE

ACF San Francisco Chapter (CA023)

December 2017Henry Charles Vortriede, CECOakland, CACEC

ACF Pikes Peak Chapter Inc (CO023)

September 2017Kathy M. Anderson, CCColorado Springs, COCC

Connecticut Chefs Association (CT011)

January 2018Jeffrey A. Rheiner, CEC, AACWest Hartford, CTCEC
February 2018William C. Apicerno, CECManchester, CTCEC

ACF First State Chefs Association (DE021)

October 2017Edward J. Hennessy, CEC, AACHockessin, DECEC

ACF Gulf to Lakes Chefs & Cooks Association, Inc (FL201)

November 2017Mathias F. Schmich, III, CEC, CCAEustis, FLCEC
Mathias F. Schmich, III, CEC, CCAEustis, FLCCA
Robert Allan Stanford, CEC, CCETampa, FLCEC

American Culinary Federation (ACF) - Atlanta Chefs Association, Inc. (GA011)

September 2017Michael A. Deihl, CEC, CCA, AACAtlanta, GACEC
February 2018Patrick Boutier, CEC, CCAAtlanta, GACEC

ACF Honolulu Chapter (HI013)

December 2017Gale E. O'Malley, CEPC, AACHonolulu, HICEPC

ACF of Iowa (IA022)

October 2017David M. Jensen, CCCJohnston, IACCC
February 2018Melanie Bower, CCDes Moines, IACC

ACF Chefs de Cuisine of the Inland Northwest (ID053)

February 2018Robert A. Lombardi, CEC, CEPC, CCE, AACOtis Orchards, WACEC
Robert A. Lombardi, CEC, CEPC, CCE, AACOtis Orchards, WACCE
Robert A. Lombardi, CEC, CEPC, CCE, AACOtis Orchards, WACEPC

ACF Chefs & Culinary Professionals of Chicagoland (IL101)

December 2017Joe Aiello, CEC, AACSchiller Park, ILCEC

ACF Greater Indianapolis Chapter (IN012)

November 2017Hollis Joseph Thomas, CCIndianapolis, INCC

ACF Ft Wayne Professional Chefs Association (IN022)

December 2017Cheryl A. Hitzemann, CEPCRoanoke, INCEPC

ACF Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association (MI012)

December 2017Jeffrey M. Gabriel, CMCFarmington, MICMC

ACF Capital Professional Chefs & Cooks Association of Greater Lansing Michigan (MI022)

February 2018James A. Cummings, CCCLansing, MICCC

ACF Greater Grand Rapids Chefs Association (MI032)

February 2018Michael D. Whitman, CECLowell, MICEC

Upper Michigan Chapter of the ACF (MI062)

December 2017Robin J. Holmes, CECEscanaba, MICEC

ACF Minneapolis Chapter (MN012)

September 2017William G. Niemer, CEC, CCEWest Saint Paul, MNCEC
William G. Niemer, CEC, CCEWest Saint Paul, MNCCE

ACF Greater Kansas City Chefs Association (MO022)

November 2017Cecil H. Wysong, Jr., CECPrairie Village, KSCEC
January 2018Gregory M. Oliver, CECLenexa, KSCEC

American Culinary Federation Chefs of Charlotte Inc. (NC011)

February 2018Susan Yelliott-Batten, CEC, CCECharlotte, NCCEC
Susan Yelliott-Batten, CEC, CCECharlotte, NCCCE

Western North Carolina Culinary Association of the ACF (NC021)

September 2017Jeffery N. Faust, CECSylva, NCCEC

Mid Hudson Culinary Assn (NY031)

November 2017Victor A. Gielisse, CMC, AACCarrollton, TXCMC

ACF Professional Chefs / Cooks Assn of Rochester (NY051)

December 2017David J. Regan, CECRochester, NYCEC

ACF Long Island Chapter (NY191)

January 2018Robert Ellinger, CEPCPort Washington, NYCEPC

ACF Columbus Chapter (OH021)

February 2018John T. Edwards, CECPlain City, OHCEC

ACF Culinary Arts of Oklahoma (OK032)

February 2018Mark Cochran, CEC, CCA, AACEdmond, OKCEC

ACF Pro Chefs Oregon (OR013)

December 2017David Kenui Ching, CCCSherwood, ORCCC

ACF Philadelphia (PA041)

September 2017Earl R. Arrowood, Jr., CCC, CCE, AACDoylestown, PACCC
Earl R. Arrowood, Jr., CCC, CCE, AACDoylestown, PACCE
November 2017Vincent J. Alberici, CEC, AACHavertown, PACEC

ACF Upstate South Carolina Chapter (SC021)

February 2018Brenda T. Buchik, CCTaylors, SCCC

ACF Myrtle Beach Chapter (SC031)

October 2017Robert E. Brantly, CECMyrtle Beach, SCCEC

ACF Greater Smoky Mountain Chapter (TN032)

October 2017Emily G. Bashore, CECKnoxville, TNCEC

Texas Chefs Association (TX012)

January 2018Patrick B. Hershorn, CECDallas, TXCEC

ACF Beehive Chefs Chapter Inc (UT013)

October 2017Peter J. Hodgson, CEC, AACTaylorsville, UTCEC

ACF National Member

September 2017David Frederick Schneider, CEC, CCEBoyne City, MICCE
David Frederick Schneider, CEC, CCEBoyne City, MICEC
November 2017Patricio G. Herrera, CECSan Mateo, CACEC
Douglas H. Zimmerman, CECHendersonville, TNCEC
January 2018Bob Glatt, CEC, CCEBurien, WACEC
Bob Glatt, CEC, CCEBurien, WACCE
February 2018Michael L. Weeks, CEPCCathedral City, CACEPC
James E. White, CECEvansville, INCEC


December 2017Christopher R. Brunsberg, CECPlymouth, MNCEC

No Chapter Affiliation

September 2017David T. Adhin, CECPort Saint Lucie, FLCEC
James R. Nicholas, CECAndover, KSCEC
Rebecca J Pechman, CCEEverett, WACCE
Susan G. Richter, CWPCClarks Summit, PACWPC
October 2017Patricia J. Dinco, CEPCSaint Clair Shores, MICEPC
Susan Hatalsky, CEC, CCEMalta, NYCEC
Susan Hatalsky, CEC, CCEMalta, NYCCE
Sharon Elizabeth Hodgdon, CCAnacortes, WACC
November 2017Caley E Augustine, Jr., CECCampobello, SCCEC
December 2017Lucille J. Banker, CSCWaterford, MICSC
Donald Eagle, CECNew City, NYCEC