Beginning in 2009, the ACFEF National Apprenticeship Committee incorporated sustainability into apprenticeship training within four major areas: energy, water, purchasing, and waste. Throughout their training, Apprentices will be exposed to myriad sustainable ideas ranging from something as simple as replacing a light bulb to researching new types of building materials, HVAC systems, or finding a local food source. Each Logbook Station has sustainability competencies added that relate to the ACFEF’s sustainability mission statement:

The ACFEF Apprenticeship Program fosters awareness of sustainability issues impacting the culinary industry; including energy, water, purchasing and waste. These sustainability initiatives must exist in an environment of quality and fiscal responsibility.

The ACFEF has developed a multitude of online sustainability resources for apprentices. Registered apprentices have access to a sustainability video series by ACFEF through the Apprenticeship portal.

Another additional resource is the Sustainability Corner, an insight into the constantly growing realm of sustainability located on the ACF’s website. The Sustainability Corner will profile everything from industry leaders and growing trends to new technologies.

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