Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Start a Program?

Starting an ACFEF Culinary Fundamentals program allows you to develop the skills and experience you are looking for in employees. It’s also a great recruitment and retention tool.

Why Should I Start a Program with ACFEF?

As a registered ACFEF Culinary Fundamentals program, you don’t need to create a program of your own. You will have access to a list of skills that the trainee should learn for each fundamental. Upon successful completion of the program, the trainee will receive a certificate of completion and will have taken the first steps towards ACF certification.

How Do I Start a Program?

As part of the application process, you will need to submit a program summary, resume and qualifications of supervising chefs, and source of 30-hour sanitation or food-handler’s course. Your application will be accepted, rejected, or a request for additional information will be sent within 30 days.

Once accepted, the program will receive temporary status and you can start registering trainees. Trainees will receive a confirmation letter and logbook from ACFEF.

Within 3–6 months, ACFEF will conduct a site visit to be reviewed by the ACFEF National Apprenticeship Committee (NAC) for program recognition status. Recognized programs must submit an annual report and fee each year for ACFEF to maintain current records.

How Long is Recognition Granted For?

ACFEF has established an ongoing program assessment process to ensure training quality. This process includes documented applications, program evaluations, site visits and renewals to grant program recognition.

Program recognition is granted to those programs determined by the ACFEF NAC to be substantially in compliance with the standards and procedures in the ACFEF Culinary Fundamentals program operations manual.

A program that is fully compliant during a site visit shall receive recognition for five (5) years. If any areas of non-compliance are noted and appropriately responded to prior to the next committee meeting, the program shall be granted recognition for three (3) years. The ACFEF NAC meets twice a year.

What Happens During a Site Visit?

Every new program will receive an initial site visit within six months of pre-approval to verify full compliance with ACFEF Culinary Fundamentals program standards. Subsequent renewal site visits will be conducted at the end of each program recognition period or as otherwise deemed necessary.

During a site visit, evaluators will review paperwork and ensure that logbooks are regularly being maintained by the trainee and approved by the supervising chef. Evaluators will interview the program coordinator, supervising chef and trainees. There will also be an on-site observation of the kitchen with the trainees in action.

Renewing programs will complete and submit a self-study report prior to the scheduled site visit that includes program status, list of trainees, resume of supervising chefs and any additional documentation relating to the program.

What Costs are Involved?

There is a one-time program application of $100, as well as an annual program fee of $125. Additionally, the program is responsible for a site visit admin fee of $175 plus all transportation, lodging and meal expenses for evaluators. Every effort will be made to keep these expenses to a minimum. Cost for each trainee registration is $130 and includes a one-year ACF membership.