Student Enrollment

Looking to get started in the culinary arts? Choosing the right culinary program can help propel you into a successful career.

Benefits of Choosing an ACFEF Accredited Culinary Program

  • Proven quality in:
    • Curriculum
    • Faculty
    • Instructional resources
    • Support staff
    • Organizational structure
  • ACF student members are eligible to receive an ACF certification up to one year after graduation from a postsecondary program by completing the necessary requirements
  • Certificate of completion for students completing a secondary program and the necessary requirements
  • Complimentary subscription to Sizzle, ACF’s quarterly magazine specifically for students pursuing a profession in culinary arts or baking and pastry arts

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Post-Graduation Certification Forms

Graduates of ACFEF accredited postsecondary degree or certificate/diploma programs who are members at the time of graduation are eligible to receive either a Certified Culinarian® (CC®) or Certified Pastry Culinarian® (CPC®) certification depending on the concentration of their program without paying any fees or taking any separate exams. Non-member graduates are assessed an $85 fee. All graduates must provide a copy of their final transcript showing date of graduation and documentation of ACF membership at the time of graduation. Certificate/Diploma graduates must also document one year of entry level work experience to receive their certification. Application and documentation must be submitted within one year of graduation.