Be That Chef

Brian Beland

Brian Beland, CMC® - Executive Chef, Director of Food and Beverage, Country Club of Detroit

I am all about the first impression—and the food I create upholds that standard. I know the importance of building a cohesive service culture supported by an engaged and well-trained team. That is why my American Culinary Federation (ACF) membership has been the cornerstone of my career and why I encourage all my aspiring chefs to become certified. It opens doors and shows you uphold the highest culinary standards. Plain and simple.

Alicia Boada

Alicia Boada, CEPC®, CCE®, CCA® - Barry Callebaut’s West Coast Technical Consultant for the Chocolate Academy USA

Chocolate is my art form. If I could bottle the passion I have for the industry, I would be a multimillionaire. My three little girls are my biggest fans. I want to set a great example—for them and for my peers. That’s why I have three certifications from the American Culinary Federation (ACF). My ACF certifications make me a professional with unlimited options—and with them, I am helping shape the next generation of pastry chefs. Learn, share and teach.

Christopher Tanner

Christopher Tanner, CEC®, AAC® - Executive Chef, Campbell Soup Company, Camden, N.J.

I am a new Dad. I have won more than 35 culinary medals. In my job, I help to inspire new and flavorful products with mass appeal. I love being a chef and supporting others who wish to be successful in our industry. That’s why I encourage them to be members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF)—because I feel strongly in its standards of professionalism and excellence, its global network and its prestigious certification process. Certification opens doors and keeps them open.