The American Academy of Chefs Elective Attainable Goals

Candidates must fulfill a minimum of 10 elective attainable goals prior to submission of application.

  1. A member of a national ACF or ACFEF approved committee for a full term (24 consecutive months).

  2. An ACF national convention or regional conference chair, co-chair or approved committee chair.

  3. A competing Culinary Team member, coach, or manager of a national ACF or Worldchefs approved competition.

  4. A chapter president for two years, who has participated in the Board of Governors meeting for two years.

  5. An elected chapter officer for two years, other than president.

  6. A chair of an approved local chapter standing committee for two years.

  7. A chair or co-chair of a successful local, regional or national community service fundraising event (it must contribute and benefit continual improvements geared towards real life gains).

  8. A Host-site Chairman or co-Chair that administers, organizes and executes a successful ACF Regional-level culinary competition that has been approved by the ACF National Office.

  9. The sponsoring chef responsible for training and graduating any ACF registered apprentice who completes a full two- or three-year program.

  10. Has graduated from an accredited culinary school or culinary arts program with either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, has graduated from an ACF apprenticeship program or an internationally recognized school or apprenticeship program.

  11. Voluntarily participated in regional or national culinary demonstrations within the past ten years.

  12. Voluntarily served as the chair of an advisory board or served as a member of the board of trustees for a local culinary program other than your place of employment.

  13. A recipient of a local ACF Chapter Chef of the Year or a local ACF Chapter Chef Professionalism Award.

  14. Participated as a chair or co-chair of an ACF approved Accreditation Educational Facilities Site Visitation. Four separate visits are required.

  15. A chair of a culinary art salon, cold-food competition or hot-food competition that has been pre-approved by the ACF national office or Worldchefs.

  16. Winner of an ACF or Worldchefs gold, silver, or bronze medal in a culinary competition.

  17. Participated and served as an ACF approved certification evaluator in six documented practical examinations.

  18. An ACF-certified culinary judge.

  19. The executive chef or executive pastry chef who is indicated on a featured “Gastronomique Menu,” the menu of an Academy dinner, Les Amis d’Escoffier dinner, Chaîne des Rôtisseurs dinner, or any Academy-style dinner. Please refer to the Academy Dinner Policies and Procedures for dinner criteria.

  20. A recipient of an ACF regional or national award, i.e. Chef of the Year, Chef Professionalism, President’s Medallion, etc.