The American Academy of Chefs 2014 American Academy of Chefs Award Recipients

Mark Wright
Mark Wright, CEC, AAC

AAC Chair’s Medal

Mark Wright, CEC, AAC, department chair, hospitality management, Eric Community College, Williamsville, New York; ACF of Greater Buffalo New York. The AAC Chair’s medal is given to an Academy Fellow who has demonstrated exemplary dedication and made outstanding contributions to the culinary profession, maintained the highest standards and ideals of the AAC, and worked to ensure excellence among future culinarians. Past Winners

Salvatore Campagna
Salvatore Campagna, CEC, HAAC

Lawrence A. Conti, CEC, AAC, HOF, Chair’s Achievement Award

Salvatore Campagna, CEC, HAAC, retired; ACF San Francisco Chapter. This award is given to an Academy Fellow who is dedicated to the AAC and the culinary profession. This active AAC and ACF member makes the advancement of both organizations a priority, and has achieved success in both business and culinary arts. Past Winners

Gale O'Malley
Gale O’Malley, CEPC, AAC

Joseph Amendola Award

Gale O’Malley, CEPC, AAC, pastry instructor, Kapiolani Community College, Honolulu; ACF Honolulu Chapter. The Joseph Amendola Award is presented to a pastry chef or master baker who has devoted his/her career to the profession and to the mentoring of young individuals who will be future pastry chefs. Past Winners

Scott Gilbert
Scott Gilbert, CEC, AAC

Chef Good Taste Award

Scott Gilbert, CEC, AAC, director of culinary, Custom Culinary, Inc., Lombard, Illinois; ACF Windy City Professional Culinarians Inc. The AAC presents the Chef Good Taste Award to an Academy Fellow who has been actively involved in furthering the culinarian’s greatest achievements and upholding the traditions of classical cuisine. Past Winners

Thomas Recinella
Thomas Recinella, CEC, AAC

Sharing Culinary Traditions Award

Thomas Recinella, CEC, AAC, program director of culinary arts, food and beverage management, Culinary Institute of Michigan, Port Huron, Michigan; ACF Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association. The AAC presents the Sharing Culinary Traditions Award annually to an Academy Fellow who has demonstrated unwavering dedication to the education of future culinarians. Past Winners

Russell Campbell
Russell Campbell, CEC

Lt. General John D. McLaughlin Award

Russell Campbell, CEC, Army sustainment command food advisor, Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois; Old Dominion ACF Chapter. This award is presented annually to an individual of high honor, distinction and involvement in the culinary field. The award was established in memory of McLaughlin, who was instrumental in bringing professional recognition to the American executive chef. Past Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award was introduced to raise funds for the American Academy of Chefs scholarship funds, and to recognize an Academy Fellow who has shown outstanding dedication to our profession. This individual is regarded as an industry trendsetter and possesses a commitment to excellence, providing leadership, motivation, and inspiration to colleagues and the youth of the culinary industry. Past Recipients | Request a Nomination Packet

Regional Chair’s Award

The Regional Chair’s Award was presented annually from 2001 through 2007 to an AAC Fellow from each region who had demonstrated high honor and whose involvement in the AAC had been recognized by their region’s AAC director. Past Winners

Service Award Pin

The AAC Service Award Pin is presented to Academy Fellows who demonstrate active participation, service and dedication to the AAC, ACF and culinary profession. An AAC Fellow must meet all criteria as defined in the application form in order to be eligible to receive the award. To request an application, please contact the Academy office at ACF’s national headquarters at (800) 624-9458. More