The American
Academy of Chefs American Academy of Chefs Culinary Hall of Fame™ Members

2016 ** Robert M. Forquer, CEC, AAC
    Wolfgang D. Geckeler, CEC, AAC
    Walter W. Leible, CMC, AAC
    Louis Venezia, CEC, AAC
2015   Salvatore J. Campagna, CEC, HAAC
  ** Enzo “Frank” Gronda, CEC, AAC
    Willie Lewis, CEC, AAC
    Jesse Mercado, CEC, AAC
    Bill Sy, CEC, AAC
2014   Harry Brockwell, CEC, AAC
    Fawzi A. Ottman, CEC, AAC
    Leopold K. Shaeli, CMC, AAC
    James B. Singerling (Honorary)
2013 ** Robert Hatoff, HAAC
    John Kinsella, CMC, CCE, WGMC, AAC
    Robert Lippert, CEC, CCE, AAC
  ** Norman Myerow, CEPC, CCE, AAC
    Louis Perrotte, CEC, AAC
2012 ** Anton Flory, CMC, WGMC, AAC
    Christian Inden, WGMC, AAC, CHA
    Anthony Patalano, AAC
    Pierre H. Rausch, CEC, WCC, AAC
2011   Anthony Graffeo, CEC, AAC
    John Kaufmann, CEC, AAC
  ** William “Bill” Lyman, CEC, AAC
    Bruce Riddell, CEC, AAC
    Jim Doherty, HAAC, HBOT (Honorary)
2010   Donald Antinore, CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC
  ** Noel Cullen, CMC, AAC
    Jim Douglas, CEC, CCE, AAC
    Bernard Urban, CEC, AAC
    Frederick Dame, HAAC, HBOT (Honorary)
2009   Michel A. Escoffier
  ** Gerhart Koennecke, AAC
    Phil Learned, CEC, AAC
    John Minniti, CCE, AAC, HBOT
    Michael Rand, HAAC
2008   Manfred W. Bast, CMPC, CEC, AAC
2007   James M. Berrini, CEC, AAC
2006   Bert Cutino, CEC, AAC
    Biagio Dente, CEC, AAC
    Bruno Marti, HAAC (Honorary)
2005   Gino Corelli, CEC, AAC
    Fritz Sonnenschmidt, CMC, AAC
    Tom Schreiber, HAAC, HBOT (Honorary)
2004 ** Jack Braun, CEC, AAC
    Paul Pantano, CEC, CCE, AAC
    Johannes Verdonkschot, CEC, AAC
    Martin Yan, HAAC (Honorary)
2003 * U. Max Behr, CEC, AAC
    Ferdinand E. Metz, CMC, AAC
    Walter E. “Spud” Rhea, CMPC, CEC, CCE, AAC (Honorary)
2002   Harry Hoffstadt, CEC, AAC
    Noble Masi, CEPC, AAC
    Burton Hobson, HAAC (Honorary)
2001 * Amato Ferrero, CEC, AAC
  * Edmund Repucci, CEC, AAC
    Bill Gallagher, WACS (Honorary)
2000   Jean Clary, CEC, AAC
    Roland Schaeffer, CEC, AAC
    Dr. Morris Gaebe (Honorary)
1999   Robert H. Nelson, CEC, CCE, AAC
    Graham Kerr (Honorary)
1998 * Stanley B. “Doc” Jensen, CEC, AAC
    Oliver H. Sommer, CEC, AAC
    L. Edwin Brown, HAAC (Honorary)
1997   Henry Haller, CEC, AAC
    Hans Roth, CEC, AAC
    Paul Prudhomme (Honorary)
1996   Darrell Anderson, CEC, CCE, AAC
  * Dr. Louis Szathmary, AAC
  * Julia Child (Honorary)
1995   Willy Rossel, AAC
  ** Dr. Thomas Ryan (Honorary)
  * Richard Bosnjak, CEC, AAC
  ** Anthony Bartolotta (Honorary)
1993 * Lawrence Conti, CEC, AAC
  * Hans Bueschkens (Honorary)
  ** Gen. John D. McLaughlin (Honorary)
1992 * Joseph Amendola, CEPC, CCE, AAC
1991 * John L. Bandera, CEC, AAC
  * Casey Sinkeldam, CEPC, CEC
1990   Jon Greenwalt, CEC, AAC
1989 * C. Orby Anderson, CEC
  ** Pierre Berard
  ** Peter Berini
  ** Eugene Blumenschein
  ** Abel Bomberault
  ** Emile Burgermeister
  ** Charles Champion
  ** Alec Cline, CEC
  ** Joseph Donon
  ** Eugene Ertle
  ** Albert Fries
  * Charles Finance
  * Baron H. Galand, CEC
  ** Otto Gentsch
  ** Claude Jarrin
  * Dr. L. J. Minor (Honorary)
  ** Edouard Panchard
  * Rene Roncari
  * Hermann Rusch
  ** Charles Scotto
  ** Otto Spielbichler
  ** Jack Sullivan
  ** George Waldner
1988  ** Paul Laesecke
  ** Raymond Marshall
  * Deceased
  **  Posthumous Induction