The American Academy of Chefs 2016 AAC Inductees

Candidates for 2016 induction into the American Academy of Chefs:

Northeast Region

Jacqueline Bamrick, CEC®

ACF of Greater Buffalo New York
Sponsored by: Paul J. Cannamela, CCE®, AAC®; Louis Venezia, CEC®, AAC®

John DiSessa, CEC®

ACF Epicurean Club of Boston
Sponsored by: Anthony M. Graffeo, CEC®, AAC®, HOF®; Douglas Patten, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®

Brian A. Floyd, CEC®, CCE®

ACF West Virginia Chapter
Sponsored by: Stafford T. DeCambra, CEC®, CCE®, CCA®, AAC®; Mark R. Spelman, CEC®, AAC®

Otto F. Kurcsics, CEC®, CCE® (from 2015)

ACF of Greater Buffalo New York
Sponsored by: Wilfred R. Beriau, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®; Louis Venezia, CEC®, AAC®

Jay R. Mahoney, CEC®

ACF West Virginia Chapter
Sponsored by: Robert A. Milam, CEC®, AAC®; Wiley Newbold, CEC®, AAC®, JD

René Rawraway, CEC®, CCE®

ACF Akron-Canton Area Cooks and Chefs Association
Sponsored by: Kenneth J. Bucholtz, CEC®, AAC®; Timothy Michitsch, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®

Kenneth B. Trout, CEC®

ACF Professional Chefs Association of South Jersey
Sponsored by: Wolfgang D. Geckeler, CEC®, AAC®; Willie L. Lewis, CEC®, AAC®, HOF®

Joshua Wickham, CEC®, CEPC®

ACF Columbus Chapter
Sponsored by: Jim Taylor, CEC®, AAC®; James L. Decker, CEC®, AAC®

Southeast Region

Greg Mueller, CEC®, CCA®

Sponsored by: Michael A. Kester, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®; Charles Mattocks, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®

Renny Parziale, CEC®, CCA®

ACF Virginia Chefs Association
Sponsored by: Hans J. Schadler, CEC®, AAC®; Winslow R. Goodier, CEC®, AAC®

Joshua T. Spiess, CEC®

Gulf Coast Culinary Association
Sponsored by: Rene J. Marquis, CEC®, CCE®, CCA®, AAC®; David J. Turcotte, CEC®, AAC®

Jean Yves Vendeville, CEPC®

ACF Chefs of the Low Country
Sponsored by: Ronald L. Andrews, CEC®, AAC®; Louis M. Perrotte, CEC®, AAC®, HOF®

Central Region

Scott D. Turley, CEC®

ACF of Southeast Iowa
Sponsored by: Christopher J. Dwyer, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®; Mark S. Kent, CEC®, AAC®

Western Region

Juan Martinez, CEC®, CCE®

ACF Chef’s Association of Arizona, Inc.
Sponsored by: Carlton W. Brooks, CEPC®, CCE®, AAC®; Garry W. Waldie, CEC®, CEPC®, CCE®, AAC®


Richard W. Alford, CEC®, CCE®

Associate Professor Emeritus (Retired), University of Akron, Akron, Ohio
Sponsored by: Kenneth Bucholtz, CEC®, AAC®

John A. Beaudrie

Regional Account Executive - Southern Division, S&D Coffee & Tea, Inc., Concord, North Carolina
Sponsored by: Michael Rigberg, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®; Allan Gazaway, CEC®, AAC®

Graham Elliot

Chef and Restaurateur, Graham Elliot Bistro, Chicago, Illinois
Sponsored by: John Kaufmann, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®; The Chefs & Culinary Professionals of Chicagoland

Nicholas Schiarizzi

Executive Chef/Culinary Arts Instructor, Boston University School of Hospitality Administration, Boston, Massachusetts
Sponsored by: Americo DiFronzo, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®

Jeff L. Simms

Executive Chef, The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida
Sponsored by: Dominick Laudia, CEC®, AAC® & Reimund D. Pitz, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®

Harold S. Small, JD, HBOT

Bailli Délégué/U.S. National President, Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs of the United States, Rancho Santa Fe, California
Sponsored by: Bert Cutino, CEC®, AAC®, HOF