The American Academy of Chefs 2018 AAC® Inductees

Northeast Region

Robert D. Ellinger, CEPC®

ACF Long Island Chapter
Sponsored by: Christropher Neary, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®; Stephen A. Bello, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®

Richard M. Hoffman, CEC®, CCA®

ACF Greater Baltimore Chapter
Sponsored by: Elena M. Clement, CEPC®, AAC®; Jan Bandula, CMPC®, CCE®, AAC®

John J. Matwijkow, CCE®

ACF of Greater Buffalo New York
Sponsored by: Scott E. Steiner, CCE®, AAC®; Jacqueline Bamrick, CEC®, AAC®

Eric P. Pellizzari, CEC®, CCE®

ACF Long Island Chapter
Sponsored by: Frank C. Costantino, EdD, CEC®, CCE®, CCA®, AAC®; Gerard M. Molloy, CEPC®, AAC®

Southeast Region

Travis L. Dale, CEC®

ACF National Member
Sponsored by: Mark H. Brown, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®; Alan L. Romano, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®

Robert J. Patton, CEC®, CCA®

ACF Coastal Virginia Chapter
Sponsored by: Garry W. Waldie, CEC®, CEPC®, CCE®, AAC®; Philip G. Pinkney, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®

Stephen P. Perkins, CEC®

ACF Virginia Chefs Association
Sponsored by: Hans J. Schadler, CEC®, AAC®; Rolf Herion, CEPC®, AAC®

Ted Polfelt, CEC®, CCA®

ACF Southwestern Virginia Chapter
Sponsored by: Denny Trantham, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®, MBA; Keith E. Gardiner, CEC®, CCE®, CCA®, AAC®

John C. Schopp, CEC®, CEPC®, CCE®, CCA®

ACF Southwestern Virginia Chapter
Sponsored by: David S. Bearl, CCC®, CCE®, AAC®; Stafford T. DeCambra, CEC®, CCE®, CCA®, AAC®

Shayne M. Taylor, CEC®, CCA®

ACF Triad Chapter, Inc
Sponsored by: Bruce R. Christensen, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®; Ronald L. Andrews, CEC®, AAC®

Central Region

Robert J. Colosimo, CEC®, CCA®

Chefs de Cuisine Association of St. Louis Inc
Sponsored by: John Bogacki, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®; Robert Hertel, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®

Andrew C. Eggert, CEC®

ACF Greater Grand Rapids Chefs Association
Sponsored by: Timothy L. England, CEC®, AAC®; Thomas J. Macrina, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®

Craig T. Meyer, CEC®

Texas Chefs Association
Sponsored by: Aidan P. Murphy, CMC®, AAC®; Christopher A. Desens, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®

Todd Walline, CEC®, CCA®

ACF Greater Kansas City Chefs Association
Sponsored by: Mark E. Webster, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®; Jim M. Tinkham, CEC®, AAC®

Western Region

Kent L. Andersen, CEC®, CCA®, MBA

ACF Beehive Chefs Chapter, Inc
Sponsored by: Paul O'Toole, CEC®, AAC®; James R. Taylor, CEC®, AAC®, MBA

Eric D. Ernest, CEC®, CCA®

ACF Chefs de Cuisine Association of California
Sponsored by: Louis Venezia, CEC®, AAC®, HOF; Robert W. Phillips, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®

Peter B. Sproul, CEC®

ACF Beehive Chefs Chapter, Inc
Sponsored by: Mark R. Spelman, CEC®, AAC®; Peter J. Hodgson, CEC®, AAC®

Robert L. Witte, CEC®, CCA®

ACF New Mexico Chapter
Sponsored by: Mark Cochran, CEC®, CCA®, AAC®; Geni Thomas, CEPC®, CEC®, CCE®, AAC®

Honarary Inductees

Ira A. Falk, Esq.

Chancelier des Etats-Unis
La Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs
Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.

Fred C. Levy

Vice President
Chocolate Accents
Longwood, Fla.

Pamela S. Mock

Culinary Arts Instructor
Mansfield, Ohio

Simon J. Smotkowicz

National President
Canadian Culinary Federation
Edmonton, AB Canada

David M. Preston, JD, MBA

Culinary, nutrition and educator
Washoe County School District
Career & Technical Education
Reno, Nev.

Barbara Walker

Grand Commander-Pacific Northwest Region
Chaîne des Rôtisseurs
Seattle, Wash.