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Mission Statement

“To educate children and families in understanding proper nutrition through community-based initiatives led by the American Culinary Federation chef members, and to be the voice of the culinary industry in its fight against childhood hunger, malnutrition and obesity.”

Current News

Chefs Outreach to the Community

Join us on Thursday, July 30, for the Chefs Outreach to the Community event during ACF’s Cook. Craft. Create. Convention and Show. ACF chefs will run four activity stations working directly with children to provide nutrition and cooking expertise about whole grains, fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks and healthy drinks. Limited spots available. Register Today

Nominations for Chef & Child Chair and Vice Chair Open Thru June 9

Nominations for Chef & Child chair and vice chair for the 2015–2017 term are being accepted until June 9, 2015. Interested candidates will need to submit their intent to run in writing to the ACF national office at Candidates will have the opportunity to address the voting members of the Chef & Child committee during a teleconference mid-June.
PDF Chair Responsibilities | PDF Vice Chair Responsibilities

Ingredient of the Month

Parsley is more than just a decorative garnish. It adds a slightly peppery, fresh taste to dishes and is packed with many healthful nutrients. Curly-leaf is bitterer and Italian, or flat-leaf, is slightly sweeter and more pungent. Learn more, including a tasty recipe for Parmesan Malfatti. More

Become Involved

Download our overview presentation for a better understanding of how you and your chapter can become involved and make a difference. Visit our chapter corner and programs areas for more ideas. Make a donation to help fund our programs.

Ingredient of the Month

View our free, monthly articles featuring a nutritional ingredient for chefs to incorporate into their menus, as well as new kid-friendly flyers, recipes and activities. Provided through our partnership with Clemson University.

Chefs Outreach to the
Community Day


Need an idea for an awareness activity to implement in your community? Check out our programs section. Find out what other local chapters are doing and how they are implementing our programs.

Chapter Corner and Awards

Interested in becoming involved in your local community? Find out what other local chapters are doing and more about the fundraising process in our chapter corner. Every year, CCF honors and recognizes chapters and individuals who showcase our mission by presenting them with awards. Application deadline is May 1.

Chefs Move to Schools

Chefs Move To Schools

The Chefs Move to Schools program provides a platform for chefs and schools to form a partnership to work with teachers, parents and school nutrition professionals to collaboratively encourage healthy eating and proper nutrition education to kids in engaging and fun ways. More

Recipes & Nutrition Resources

Check out our healthy and nutritious recipes from the CCF cookbook and culinary nutrition-focused articles that provide up-to-date research and nutrition related information. For more nutrition links, visit our nutrition resources section.

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