ACFEF Chef & Child Initiative

Mission Statement

The mission of ACFEF’s Chef & Child initiative is to educate children and families in understanding proper nutrition by providing tools and resources for community-based programs led by American Culinary Federation chef members.

Current News

Grill Safety 101

The sun is shining and the barbecue grill is calling! Some great summer activities include cooking demonstrations on the grill. Download the new Grill Safety 101 flyer and certificate, and find other summer activities.

Ingredient of the Month

Coconuts are technically considered a drupe, or a fruit with a central stone surrounded by a husk. Depending on the variety, the husk turns from green, red or yellow to brown as the coconut ripens. The coconut flesh is covered by a hairy hard brown shell. The hollow part inside the shell is filled with coconut water. The sweet-tasting coconut flesh goes from juicy and tender to slightly tough and fibrous as the fruit ripens. Young coconut water is refreshing and sweet with a slightly acidic taste. Coconut is available yearround with a peak season from October to December. Complete the quiz on to earn one hour of continuing-education credits toward ACF certification.More

Become Involved

Interested in becoming involved in your local community? Host outreach events in your community and partner with a local school or after-school program. Visit our chapter corner and programs areas for more ideas. Make a donation to help fund our programs.

Ingredient of the Month

View our free, monthly articles featuring a nutritional ingredient for chefs to incorporate into their menus, as well as new kid-friendly flyers, recipes and activities.

Chefs Outreach to the
Community Day


Need an idea for an awareness activity to implement in your community? Check out our programs section. Find out what other local chapters are doing and how they are implementing our programs.

Recipes & Nutrition Resources

Check out our healthy and nutritious recipes from the CCF cookbook and culinary nutrition-focused articles that provide up-to-date research and nutrition related information. For more nutrition links, visit our nutrition resources section.

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