Meet Our Advisory Board

Devin Alexander

Devin Alexander

Chef, Best-Selling Author and TV Host

New York Times bestselling author and chef on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Devin Alexander is a veteran in the fight against obesity and she’s winning the war with her unique approach to healthy cooking. Having maintained a 70-pound weight loss for close to 20 years, she lives and eats her message: you don’t have to deprive yourself to be fit and healthy.

Margaret Condrasky

Margaret D. Condrasky, CCE, Ed.D., RD

Associate Professor, Clemson University
Dr. Condrasky specializes in culinary nutrition focusing on portion control, new product development and cooking with chef outreach programs. She has led several research projects and grants, including “Cooking with a Chef as a Parental Component in Obesity Prevention and Control,” and has authored several articles, including ACF’s Culinary Nutrition News.

Ann Cooper

Ann Cooper

Renegade Lunch Lady

Chef Ann is a celebrated author, chef, educator and enduring advocate for better food for all children. She envisions a time soon when being a chef working to feed children fresh, delicious, and nourishing food will no longer be considered “renegade.”

Lorena Garcia

Lorena Garcia

Chef and Media Personality

Chef Lorena has taken on the challenge of combating childhood obesity using her culinary knowledge. She has developed “Big Chef, Little Chef,” a lifestyle modification plan that educates children of all ages and their families about the benefits of nutrition and of living a healthy, happy and positive life.

Barbara Jirka

Barbara Jirka, PhD, SNS

Nutritionist, Food and Nutrition Service, USDA

Dr. Jirka is a Nutritionist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service. She is involved in developing nutrition education materials and providing nutrition technical assistance for school meal programs. Recently developed curriculum programs focus on school gardens, MyPlate and Chef inspired healthy recipes for childcare centers, schools and families.

Amy Kalafa

Amy Kalafa

Executive Producer, Two Angry Moms

For over 15 years, Amy has produced award-winning films, television programs and magazine articles in the field of health education. Since childhood, Amy has been passionate about social justice and environmental issues. She is now compelled to express that passion by speaking out as an Angry Mom fighting for the health of America’s kids.

Qiana Martin

Qiana Martin

International Athlete, Global Soccer Ambassador, Creator of Eat Soccer

When she is not travelling the world with her soccer ball, she introduces new communities to the beautiful game and inspires participation. Qiana is a former TEDx speaker, File spokesmodel and British Airways Face of Opportunity recipient. She promotes healthy eating along with physical activity to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Catherine Mullarkey

Catherine Mullarkey, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Catherine Mullarkey has more than 20 years of corporate and not-for-profit corporate law experience. Her involvement with the American Culinary Federation Chef & Child Foundation goes back to its very beginning in 1989.

Dr. Ellen Rome

Dr. Ellen Rome, MD, MPH

Cleveland Clinic

An expert in the field of eating disorders and obesity, Dr. Rome runs the Cleveland Clinic’s Pediatric Obesity Initiative, working to decrease childhood obesity through healthier exercise and eating habits in partnership with communities and schools.

Joel Schaefer

Joel Schaefer, CCC

President and Chef, Allergy Chefs, Inc.

Joel is currently the president and chef for his own company, Allergy Chefs, Inc. specializing in food allergy and special diets training and product development and has recently joined the AllergyFree Foods team as their Research and Development Chef.

Shawn Smith

Shawn T. Smith

Founder, CEO and Chair of the Board of Directors, Hattie Mae & Pals Foundation

Hattie Mae & Pals Foundation is an organization that focuses on containing childhood obesity in America. The program is designed to involve parents, children and educators reducing childhood obesity rates through the efforts of an animated, interactive and educational program focused on a healthy lifestyle.

Shawn M. Talbott

Shawn M. Talbott, PhD, LDN, FAIS, FACSM

Nutritional Biochemist and Author

Dr. Talbott’s most recent project is an award-winning feature-length documentary film, “Killer At Large: Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat,” which explores the startling details underlying the American Obesity Epidemic—and serves as a “call to arms” for concerned parents, school districts, elected officials, health professionals, and entire communities to empower themselves in reversing this deadly trend.