CCF Newsletter - Fall 2011

Celebrate Childhood Nutrition Day

October 16

Chefs & Children
Childhood Nutrition Day

Support this day by offering an awareness event in your community. The event can be as simple as offering a cooking demonstration, holding an activity session at a local school or getting a proclamation from the mayor. Visit our programs or chapter corner for more ideas.

Download the flyer and help us spread the word. Together, we can raise awareness about the need for education on childhood hunger, proper nutrition, and obesity issues.

Don’t forget to tell us about your event. Email your story with photos to

Chef & Child Foundation New Leadership

Ira Fingerman
CCF Chair, Ira Fingerman
Joseph Kraft
CCF Vice Chair, Joseph Kraft, CEC, CCA, AAC

The ACFEF Chef & Child Foundation will continue to focus on the nutritional development of America’s children, but, as of July 27, 2011, with two new leaders at the helm.

Ira Fingerman, national manager, Lady Aster, Tyson Food Service, Springdale, Ark., was elected chair, and Joseph Kraft, CEC, CCA, AAC, corporate executive chef, Morrison Management Specialis, Tucson, Ariz., was elected vice chair. They will serve a two-year term from 2011–2013.

“As chair, I will continue the positive work that we have started over the last couple of years,” said Fingerman. “In this new term, CCF will focus on three key areas: focused fundraising; innovative initiatives; and national networking with like-minded organizations to position CCF as a nationally-recognized organization in the fight against childhood obesity.”

“My intent is to carry on the best practices and success of the Foundation,” said Kraft. ”I will also create and lead the Foundation in developing ideas that will promote nutritional awareness and educate our nation’s children and the ones who influence them.”

Chefs Outreach to the Community in Dallas a Success

Chefs joined Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity volunteers at Turner Courts Recreation Center in Dallas on Friday, July 22, 2011, for the second annual Chefs Outreach to the Community Day. More than 100 children and families enjoyed a day of nutritious and delicious cooking as kids learned about healthy vegetables, whole grains, healthy smoothies and how to reduce fat and sodium by cooking at home. View photos.

2011 American Culinary Federation - Chefs Outreach to the Community

Barton Seaver

For Cod and Country

National Geographic Fellow, Chef, Author, and Speaker

Barton Seaver addressed the issue of sustainability and health as they relate to seafood at a seminar at the 2011 ACF National Convention in Dallas. He also demonstrated three recipes from his new book, For Cod and Country, to clarify some common points of confusion: omega-3s vs. mercury; farmed vs. wild; fresh vs. canned or frozen. Some highlights from the seminar as described by Philip J. Cragg, CEC, CCE, AAC:

  • Simplicity in preparing seafood to maintain its natural, delicious flavor in its fresh form.
  • Being very careful with the use of spices that quickly mask natural flavors.
  • Learn how to use salt to accentuate the very best qualities.
  • Know your vendor, and the source of the seafood, as well as the method of landing it.
  • Promote lesser known species as energetically as possible, and get buy-in from your waitstaff to sell to your customers.

Visit for more information.

Chefs Move to Schools

ACF Chefs Move New resources are available for Chefs Move to Schools volunteers. Find videos, new recipes, and a new Chefs Guide for volunteers working with schools. Visit the Chef & Child Foundation website for new activities from the 2011 Chefs Outreach to the Community event.

Culinary Nutrition News

The Other Red Meats

Plated Lamb
Lamb is a great source of protein, iron and zinc.

Red meat has a reputation of increasing the risk for chronic diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes. But not all red meats are created equal. There are a wide variety of nutritional alternatives available, such as lamb and venison. Find out more in the September issue of our Culinary Nutrition News.

These articles are free and available for download the first Monday of each month. Provided through our partnership with Clemson University, and sponsored by French’s Foodservice.

Ingredient of the Month

Eggs Eggs do not contain as much cholesterol as once feared.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein, are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and do not contain as much cholesterol as once feared. This makes them ideal to be served alone or as ingredients in a prepared dish. Find out more about eggs, as well as a nutritious recipe, in our Ingredient of the Month.

These free, downloadable guides feature a new nutritional ingredient for chefs to incorporate into their menus each month. Provided through our partnership with Clemson University.

ACFEF Chef & Child Foundation The American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF) Chef & Child Foundation (CCF) was founded in 1989 to educate children and families in understanding proper nutrition through community-based initiatives led by ACF members, and to be the voice of the culinary industry in its fight against childhood hunger, malnutrition and obesity.