Vitamix Childhood Nutrition Day 2014

Childhood Nutrition Day 2014 was a huge success with over 50 chefs and chapters hosting events in their communities to educate families and children about childhood hunger, proper nutrition and obesity issues. Vitamix® renewed their support for another year and provided blenders to chefs participating for the first time and a dry-grains container to repeat chefs who received a blender last year.

While Childhood Nutrition Day is celebrated only during the month of October, use this excitement to continue to reinforce proper nutrition and healthy choices in school-aged children throughout the year. Visit our programs section for tools to implement an awareness activity and make a difference in your community.

On behalf of the Chef & Child Foundation, thank you to all the chefs and chapters for participating in Childhood Nutrition Day. Special thank you to Vitamix, as well as local partners and sponsors, for their support in making these events a success.

Brandon LaVielle made vegan flatbread pizzas with healthy toppings like pineapple and low sodium cheese at Arbor Heights Elementary school in Seattle. Portion control was an important conversation along with discussions about nutrition and being thankful to have nutritious foods to eat. Photos

ACF North Carolina Chapter partnered with Family Service, Inc. to celebrate Childhood Nutrition Day by preparing a nutritional breakfast for parents and children involved in the Head Start program. Article

Ryan Rogiers prepared healthy black bean wraps with third-graders at St. Joseph Grade School and talked about the importance of fruits and vegetables. Chef Rogiers and his stepson won the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and Kids’ State Dinner with the black bean recipe.

Jeffrey Quasha, CEC, CCA, together with Memorial Health and Morrison Healthcare, ACF Chefs of the Low Country and the Savannah-Chatham County School Nutrition program, created a nutritious lunch menu of local and organic foods for students at East Broad Elementary. The menu featured a blended mushroom meatball with whole grain pasta, local sautéed green beans, the super food radish and strawberry shortcakes. Chefs shared healthy cooking techniques with school nutrition staff on healthy cooking techniques, and nutrition education was incorporated into lesson plans leading up to the event. PowerPoint Presentation Presentation | Photos

Len King III, CEC, taught nutrition with the foods of “Troy’s Garden” at William Paca Elementary School in Baltimore. Once the food was harvested, the class moved indoors for a My Plate lesson with hands-on exercises, making and tasting sweet potato tacos. Photos

Michael McGreal, CEC, CCE, CHE, MCFE, traveled to Kansas City to teach district food service workers healthy cooking methods to prepare nutritious school meals for kids in elementary and secondary schools. Kids from schools in the district attended a taste testing event and learned about making smart food choices.

Robby Hooker, CEC, CCE, and Coppell Farmers Market celebrated Childhood Nutrition Day by focusing on youth and nutrition activities at the farmers market in a celebration of healthy and affordable food nutrition. Chef Hooker made delicious smoothies incorporating local greens and honey and shared healthy tips with kids. Photos

Emmanuelle Suarez spent time at Lake Worth Community High Culinary Academy where students had a great learning and tasting experience through healthy dips and snacks and making smoothies from fresh fruits and frozen fruits, honey and yogurt. Photos

Kimberley Stoll, CEPC, participated at the Lake Park local community fall festival to profile food items and healthy choices geared towards children and non-cooking parents that included real food choices, seasonal varieties, easy after school snacks and kid friendly cooking ideas. Photos

Irene Pawlisch and 32 kindergarten students husked ears of corn donated from local farmers from the local farmer’s market in Fall River, Wisconsin. They steamed the corn and served them to the students for lunch.

Sandi Lampert, CCE, and David Scherer, CSC, went back again this year to Bridges Academy in Studio City, California, to “Boost Your Brainpower at Breakfast” for the Phoenix House middle school students. They made a strawberry-banana smoothie and a bagel, cheese and apple breakfast while talking about good nutrition and handing out the Dairy Council workbooks. Photos

Dana Baldwin and Cynthia Gaines from the ACF national office spent snack time at Valley Ridge Academy with 34 third graders. They created sweet and savory dips with plain yogurt and used healthy “dipping” foods like jicama. The students could not taste the spinach in their berry smoothies! Photos

Amanda Peterson showed parents how to make great tasting drinks and snacks during the holidays that are nutritious for their children. She created a “Dracula Drink” using mixed berries to celebrate Halloween.