Childhood Nutrition Day 2015

Childhood Nutrition Day, celebrated on or around Oct. 16, focuses on the need for education about childhood hunger, proper nutrition and obesity issues. Since the campaign’s launch in 1995, hundreds of chefs across the nation have participated in events within their local communities to feed hungry children, and foster and promote awareness of proper nutrition.

While Childhood Nutrition Day is celebrated only during the month of October, use this excitement to continue to reinforce proper nutrition and healthy choices in school-aged children throughout the year. Visit our programs section for tools to implement an awareness activity and make a difference in your community.

On behalf of the ACFEF Chef & Child committee, thank you to all the chefs and chapters for participating in Childhood Nutrition Day. Special thank you as well to local partners and sponsors, for their support in making these events a success.

ACF Tampa Bay Chapter

On Friday, Oct. 16, 2015 the ACF Tampa Bay Chapter celebrated Childhood Nutrition Day with the 3rd grade classes at Northwest Elementary School, Hudson, Florida. Chapter member Vince Blancato had the children sample different-colored fruit and vegetables that they are growing in the school’s vegetable garden, The Wellness Garden. He talked about the nutrition values of each item and each student was required to write a sentence containing adjectives on their taste experience.

ACF Tampa Bay members started this garden 5 years ago under Mrs. Obama’s Chefs Move to Schools Initiative. Every school year, it becomes the Third Grade Project. One week the children are out in their garden planting seeds, making written observations on how their garden is progressing, sampling the fruits and vegetables right off their plants and finally in December and May they harvest their crop. The following week ACF Tampa Bay members are in the 3rd Grade Classrooms giving them Nutrition Lessons approved by USDA and/or the Florida Department of Agriculture. This program continues weekly for the entire school year.

ACF Indianapolis Chapter

On October 20, 2015, chapter members went to three schools in Indianapolis to talk about healthy eating in a fun and engaging way. Kids had an opportunity to taste healthy foods and talk to the chefs one-on-one.

ACF of Greater Baton Rouge

ACF of Greater Baton Rouge worked with the local Farmers Mobile Market; Book Mobile; BREC parks and recreation; and the community garden project to set up an event to get chefs and community together to make a difference.

Chef Amy Lynn started the students with a mini nutrition lesson and a “passport” to explore the world of farm-to-table. The students each received a bag with many favors that they could take with them, including a fresh crisp apple from Capital City Produce and a Yummy Yam from Sysco Foods.

From there, the students traveled to the World of Veggies with Chef Chris N. where they were given a sample of hummus to dip celery and carrot sticks. Next, the students traveled to the World of Grains where they meet Chef Don cooking up some Quinoa. Chef Eric gave them a taste of some of his homemade 12-grain bread. Then, they entered the World of fruit, where Chef Monica was using the Vitamix to make smoothies. And finally, Chef Chris B. engaged the students in the World of Gardening. Each student was able to plant a seed which they could take home to start their very own herb “garden.”

Once the students traveled the World of Farm to Table, they met with Melody and received a Wood Coin for the completion of the stamped passport, which they could use at the Mobile Farmers Market to buy one item of their choice. Students then had the opportunity to travel through the Book Mobile. The event ended with BREC park which engaged the students in an assortment of physical activities, including a football toss and obstacle course.

ACF Greater Dayton Chapter

Chefs from ACF Greater Dayton Chapter corralled 57 third-graders and gave a demonstration on healthy eating options.

ACF Chefs of the Low Country

ACF Chef of the Low Country put together an amazing team of over 35 local chefs to feed 960 plus students and over 150 teachers and administrators a farm-to-table-style lunch made from scratch.

American Culinary Federation Guam Chapter, Inc.

Clay Wai and the American Culinary Federation Guam Chapter, Inc. kicks off its Chef & Child initiative on October 29 with a demo at a local school on juicing and the importance of using fresh fruits and vegetables.