Childhood Nutrition Day Templates

Support Childhood Nutrition Day (CND) by hosting an event in your community. Register or find an event in your community.

  • CND flyer (4.14 MB) - promote CND in your community and raise awareness for proper childhood nutrition.
  • CND graphic - use this graphic to promote via social media outlets
  • Interactive flyer and postcard (1.12 MB) - customize the flyer and postcard to your event and pass out in your community. Save them as a graphic and promote on social media.
  • Press release - inform the media about your event. Send pre-event to increase participation and invite media. Send post-event to share your accomplishments. Be sure to include a high resolution photo.
  • CND Individual Release Waiver - make sure the attendees/parents sign an individual release waiver if you will be taking photos/video during the event.
  • Banner and skyscraper graphic - use these graphics on your website, in e-newsletters and in your email signature to promote Childhoood Nutrition day.