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New Monthly Ingredient of the Month Tools

Visit our Ingredient of the Month section for monthly kid-friendly flyers, recipes and activities, highlighting a new ingredient each month. More

Grill Safety 101 PDF

Grill Safety 101

The sun is shining and the barbecue grill is calling! Some great summer activities include cooking demonstrations on the grill. Don’t forget to teach the kids safety with our new PDF Grill Safety 101 flyer and award a PDF certificate for completing the program.

Berry Blast PDF

Berry Blast

Kids will learn to love berries and how important fruit is to health and nutrition. The activity showcases strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Download (1.91 MB)

It's Not
Easy Being Green PDF

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Eating greens is a great way to add vegetables to your plate. The following activity will allow the kids to sample three different greens in new, easy to make recipes. Download (1.49 MB)

Rainbow Taste Test

Rainbow Taste Test

Vegetables and fruits come in all shapes, sizes, and, most importantly, colors. Try eating colorful fruits and veggies including purple, red, orange, green, and yellow. Use the rainbow to guide your eating habits. Download (2.24 MB)

Healthy Food Fair/Community Event

These stations feature healthy vegetables, whole grains, healthy smoothies and container gardening activities and can be used together for a four-hour event, or individually for shorter events.

That’s Fresh -
Kids Cooking Teams [PDF]

That’s Fresh - Kids Cooking Teams

“That’s Fresh - Kids Cooking Teams” is a hands-on, community-based cooking and nutrition education curriculum. It is based on active learning strategies and guided practice designed to provide significant nutrition information, culinary skills, food safety, cultural diversity, team building and self-esteem as they learn about making wise food choices for lifetime of good health.

Hit a Homerun for Nutrition Instructions [PDF]

Hit a Homerun for Nutrition

“Hit a Homerun for Nutrition” is an innovative and fun way to provide interactive nutrition awareness for children. The following activities will help children make wise food choices. During the activity, children will round the bases and “Hit a Homerun for Nutrition” as they sample a healthy breakfast using their scorecard. This 30-minute activity will provide a healthy breakfast, age appropriate nutrition information and prizes for children who complete all bases. Download a step-by-step instructional guide of how to host this event in your community.

Useful Handouts and Recipes