ACF Culinary Team USA Competition History

While many countries have a more static approach to menu development, American chefs have long provided a "melting pot" of creativity toward food. When Americans began competing as an official team in 1956, they were clearly the underdogs. However, American cookery soon established itself as world-class cuisine, and American chefs distinguished themselves at the IKA and other international competitions.

The 1960 team captured the first world championship honor at the IKA and repeated the distinction in 1980, 1984 and 1988 by taking the prestigious hot-food competition and establishing a new world record for the most consecutive gold-medal wins. In 2004, ACF Culinary Team USA won the hot-food championship with one of only four gold medals given and finished third overall. In 2008, the national team again won gold in the hot kitchen, for the first back-to-back gold medals since 1980. The ACF regional team won the overall world championship title in the regional category. At the 2012 IKA, ACF Culinary National Team USA won a silver medal in cold-food presentation—only one gold medal was awarded—and a silver medal in the hot-food kitchen, placing sixth overall. Additionally,  in 2005, ACF Culinary Team USA took home two gold medals at the Salon Culinaire Mondial, which is held every six years in Basel, Switzerland.