U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Request for Advisory Opinions to Support Temporary VISA Petition

The American Culinary Federation is recognized by the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as a management organization or peer group. The ACF as the authority on cooking in America, can offer a written advisory opinion to support an O-1B, O-2, or P-3 temporary visa petition for a non-immigrant worker. The ACF requires submission of the ACF Application for Advisory Opinion along with the completed Homeland Security Application along with supporting documentation. The cost is $525 and payment must accompany the application. Please allow 1–2 weeks for processing. An expedited 3-business day service is available with an additional $60 fee. For expedited service the full payment must be made by credit card only.


  1. Download ACF Application for Advisory Opinion Letter.
  2. Mail application, required documentation, and processing fee to this address:

    American Culinary Federation
    180 Center Place Way
    St. Augustine, FL 32095

  3. Allow 14 days for processing.
  4. Once approved a confirmation will be sent and the advisory opinion letter will be mailed.

For questions contact (800) 624-9458, ext. 122, or lemmons@acfchefs.net.