ACFEF Chef & Child Awards

The Little Oscar Award

This award recognizes chapters who have put forth exceptional effort to advance the mission and goals of the ACFEFCCF in its fights against hunger, malnutrition and obesity. It is a reflection of a chapter’s involvement in facilitating programs to provide education in childhood nutrition and decreasing childhood obesity now and in the future.

ACFEF Chef & Child Little Oscar Award Winners

Year Winner(s)
2013 ACF Southwestern Virginia Chapter
2012 ACF Southwestern Virginia Chapter
2011 ACF Orange Empire Chefs & Professional Cooks Association, Costa Mesa, Calif.
2010 Central - ACF South Bend Chefs & Cooks Association
Northeast - ACF Long Island Chapter
Southeast - ACF Kentucky Louisville Chapter
Western - ACF Chefs & Culinarians of San Diego
2009 Central - Chefs de Cuisine Association of St Louis
Northeast - ACF Great Bay New Hampshire Chapter
Southeast - ACF Middle Tennessee Chapter
Western - ACF Washington State Chefs Association
2008 ACF Kona-Kohala Chefs de Cuisine, Inc.
2007 ACF Tampa Bay Culinary Association
2006 ACF Kona-Kohala Chefs de Cuisine, Inc.
2005 ACF Minneapolis Chapter
2004 ACF Chefs de Cuisine Society Of Oregon
2003 ACF Midlands Chapter
2002 ACF Kona-Kohala Chefs de Cuisine, Inc.
2001 ACF Midlands Chapter
2000 ACF Beehive Chefs Chapter, Inc.
1999 ACF Springfield/Branson Chefs Association
1998 ACF Laurel Highlands Chapter
1997 ACF Minneapolis Chapter
The ACF Jersey Shore Chefs Association
ACF Myrtle Beach Chapter
ACF Washington State Chefs Association
1996 ACF Long Island Chapter

The True Spirit Award

The ACFEFCCF True Spirit Award is presented once a year to a person or ACF chapter who has demonstrated extraordinary efforts to aid children.

ACFEF Chef & Child True Spirit Award Recipients

Year Winner
2013 Jacob David Williams, CEC
2012 Michael Hiller, ACF Windy City Professional Culinarians Inc.
2011 Dan Thomas, Catering Supervisor, JCPS Nutrition Service Center, Louisville, Ky.
2010 Nancy Russman
2009 Tony Hall
2008 Thomas Yanisko, CEC, CCA, AAC
2007 Donald McMillan, CEC, AAC
2006 Jim Perko, CEC, AAC
2005 David Wasson, CCC, CCE
2004 Jack Braun, CEC, AAC
2003 John E. Kallas
2001 Roderick Smith, CEC, AAC
2000 The ACF Jersey Shore Chefs Association
1999 Brad Everett, CC
1998 Carl Huckaby, CEC, CCE, AAC
1997 Michael Vigginai, CEC, AAC
1996 Dr. Trevor Steinbach
1995 Vince Blancato
1994 Paul Prudhomme, HAAC

Michael Ty Endowment Fund

The Michael Ty Endowment Fund was established in 2000 and named in tribute to Chef Michael Ty, CEC, AAC, a longtime member of ACF. Chef Ty served as ACF National President from 1993–1994 and from 2011–2013. Chef Ty conceived and produced the highly successful School Lunch Challenges for three years.

The Michael Ty Endowment Fund is awarded annually to an ACF chef who has dedicated countless hours to fighting childhood hunger, working on behalf of the foundation, and teaching children about proper nutrition. The recipient of this award will have a donation made on his/her behalf to a charity of their choice.

ACFEF Chef & Child Michael Ty Endowment Fund Award Recipients

Year Winner
2012 James Kokenyesdi, CEC, CCA, ACF Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association
2010 Thomas Trevethan, CEPC
2009 Joel Schaeffer, CCC
2008 Ann Cooper
2007 D’Aun Carrell
2006 Thomas Yanisko, CEC, AAC
2005 Fredrick “Chuck” Meitner
2004 Not awarded
2003 Ray Benton, CCE
2002 Philip Cragg, CEC, CCE, AAC
2001 Michael A. Kester, CEC
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