Childhood Nutrition Day Events

Find a Childhood Nutrition Day event in your area on the list below. If you are hosting an event, be sure to register so we can add you to this list.


  • Childhood Nutrition Day Event Kimberly Larson - contact Immaculate Heart High School, 5515 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CADate: October 16, 2014 11:00 AM Description: Hands on fresh smoothie educational demonstration and tasting for 700 students during school lunch time in the school cafeteria.
  • Childhood Nutrition Day Event Patricia J Tam - contact California Arts Museum, 2835 Vallecito Place, Oakland, CADate: October 16, 2014 Description: Hands on children's cooking class, supervised by students in culinary arts at Laney College. Working in conjunction with public schools and community college staff and culinary students event held at California Arts Museum.
  • Childhood Nutrition Day Event Scot Rice - contact 2450 Del Paso Road Suite 150 , Sacramento, CADate: October 16, 2014 9:30 AM and 2:00 PM Description: "Healthy Starts at Home: Drink Smart" The group will be broken down into small groups to start the sugar overload activity lead by chef volunteers. At the end of the sugar overload activity the chef volunteers should use the discussion questions to reinforce the exercise. Chef volunteers will start activity 2 by demonstrating the simple process of creating healthy smoothies from various fruits and veggies. Samples will be passed to participants for tasting.


  • Childhood Nutrition Day Event Blake E. Ellis, PCEC - contact 6151 Lake Osprey Drive , Sarasota, FLDate: October 16, 2014 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Description: We would like to invite the children and teachers of Primrose Lakewood Ranch to join us in a hands-on class for local youth. We will be preparing healthy versions of the classics: Mac N Cheese (with butternut squash), Chicken Noodle soup (Demo) and from-scratch Caramel Apple Oatmeal cookies. Please let us know if you would be interested in participating in this very special event.
  • Childhood Nutrition Day Event Elizabeth M. Morvay-Leh - contact 130 Tuskawilla Road, Winter Springs, FLDate: October 3 - October 10, 2014 Description: Again this year my students are collecting healthy, non-perishable, individually-packaged food items (applesauce cups, juice paks, granola, Nutri-Grain bars,baby carrots, raisins, etc.) so we can stuff "Snack Paks" for Nutrition for Ronald McDonald House in downtown Orlando. We will deliver them on October 16th, Childhood Nutrition Day.
  • ACF Junior Club Emmanuelle Suarez, CPC - contact Lake Worth Community High Culinary Academy, 1701 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth, FLDate: October 14, 2014 Description: I will give a presentation on healthy drinks smoothie type using yogurt, kefir water, lime , lemon, honey,fresh fruits, and frozen fruits!
  • Childhood Nutrition Day Event Genie Worthman - contact 6501 Magic Way Building 500, Orlando, FLDate: October 18, 2014 Description: Healthy smoothy day. The children of a orange county schools will be able to use there milk and fruits for there lunch to make a healthy yummy smoothy and learn why it's important to drink your milk and eat fruits!


  • The ACF Chefs of the Low Country in partnership with Morrison Healthcare and Memorial Hospital Jeffrey A. Quasha, CEC, CCA - contact Memorial Hospital, 4700 Waters Avenue , Savannah, GADate: 10/16/2014 11:00 AM Description: The ACF Chefs of the Low Country in partnership with Morrison Healthcare and Memorial Hospital are sponsoring a chef and child day for over 800 students and teachers at East Broad Elementary School in Savannah, GA




  • Childhood Nutrition Day Event Leonard J. King, III, CEC - contact William Paca Elementary 200 N. Lakewood, Baltimore, MDDate: September 23, 2014 Description: Two classes 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM Senior Research Chef Len King , CEC. CRC McCormick & Co. "The Food of Troy's Garden and the Nutrition Connection". My Plate Discussion. " Food Aromas & Flavor". Demos and Hands on exercises. Construction and tasting of sweet potato tacos.


North Carolina


  • Childhood Nutrition Day Event Michael Ty, CEC, AAC - contact 144 Westminster Way Taylor Robert Taylor Elementary School , Henderson, NVDate: October 9, 2014 7:30 AM Description: One of 13 Elementary Schools that our chapter serves breakfasts and fund raise to provide nutritionist to teach in the classroom to alleviate malnutrition and hunger through education and awareness. This program's goal is to help children build healthy behaviors while they are young. We serve almost 900 breakfasts to the children over each school year and one of the components is to provide them fruit and vegetable smoothies.


  • Childhood Nutrition Day Event Paul L. Higgins, CEC - contact Mount Vernon High School, Mount Vernon, OHDate: October 15th,16th & 17th Description: Soups On..... A classroom demo followed by students preparing a basic vegetable soup using fresh local produce


  • Childhood Nutrition Day Event Donald J Olsen - contact , 700 N Madison St, Waunakee, WIDate: October 16, 2014 1:30 PM Description: 1st Chef to School visit by the MadCity ACF Chapter to Waunakeee. 3rd grade class demonstration ,recipes, nutrition, food tastings and sharing.
  • Childhood Nutrition Day Event Irene T. Pawlisch - contact 150 Bradley St., Fall River, WIDate: October 9, November TBA Description: Oct - Rutabaga mania. Third grade students will explore this common root vegetable and sample a roasted rutabaga honey mint salad sample.Nov - Squash donated by a local farmer.
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