Lifetime Certification

ACF offers Lifetime Certifications to recognize chefs who have demonstrated a lifetime of commitment and dedication to the culinary profession. Lifetime certificants are great leaders in our industry and encourage and motivate others to achieve excellence in the profession.

Lifetime certifications are available for certified chefs who reach the age of 62 or who by the age of 55 are fully retired from the industry. Certified chefs who retire before reaching the age of 55 for disability reasons can also apply. Please complete a PDF Lifetime Certification Application.

Recent Lifetime Certifications

Join ACF in congratulating cooks and chefs who have received lifetime certifications within the past 180 days.

Learn more about certification.

Go to top of page ACF Chefs Association of Arizona, Inc. (AZ033)

February 2014Santos M. Villarico, CEC, CCEScottsdale, AZCEC
Santos M. Villarico, CEC, CCEScottsdale, AZCCE
April 2014Debbie Kay Kirkland, CCESun City, AZCCE

Go to top of page ACF San Francisco Chapter (CA023)

April 2014Garry W. Waldie, CEC, CEPC, CCE, AACWalnut Creek, CACEC

Go to top of page ACF Colorado Chefs Association (CO013)

February 2014Timothy J. Bell, CECAurora, COCEC

Go to top of page ACF Nation's Capital Chefs Association (DC011)

February 2014E. Michael Gaietto, CEC, AACAlexandria, VACEC

Go to top of page ACF Central Florida Chapter (FL021)

March 2014Kirk S. Kief, CEC, CPCLongwood, FLCEC

Go to top of page Fort Lauderdale ACF, Inc. (FL061)

March 2014Lauretta D. Russomanno, CCMiami, FLCC

Go to top of page American Culinary Federation (ACF) - Atlanta Chefs Association, Inc. (GA011)

February 2014Marc J. Jolis, CCC, CCEAtlanta, GACCC
April 2014Steven E. Barron, CEC, AACAcworth, GACEC

Go to top of page ACF Savannah Chefs Association (GA021)

December 2013Marvis T. Hinson, CCESavannah, GACCE

Go to top of page ACF Greater Baltimore Chapter Inc (MD051)

February 2014Jan Bandula, CMPC, CCE, AACHampstead, MDCMPC
Susan S. Hendee, Ph.D., CCE, HAACBaltimore, MDCCE

Go to top of page ACF Minneapolis Chapter (MN012)

November 2013Carlo W. Castagneri, CEC, CCE, AACRichfield, MNCEC
Carlo W. Castagneri, CEC, CCE, AACRichfield, MNCCE
January 2014Byron J. Korus, CEC, CCE, AACPlymouth, MNCEC
Byron J. Korus, CEC, CCE, AACPlymouth, MNCCE

Go to top of page ACF Capital District - Central New York (NY041)

January 2014Thomas R. Blaske, CEC, CCEHartwick, NYCCE
Thomas R. Blaske, CEC, CCEHartwick, NYCEC
March 2014Paul G. Moyer, CCEStillwater, NYCCE

Go to top of page ACF Pittsburgh Chapter (PA061)

November 2013Johan T. Meinke, CECPittsburgh, PACEC

Go to top of page ACF The Chefs & Cooks Association of Puerto Rico (PR011)

March 2014William C. Leischner, CCCCaguas, PRCCC

Go to top of page ACF Middle Tennessee Chapter (TN012)

November 2013Gary J. Rawson, CEC, AACSmyrna, TNCEC

Go to top of page ACF Tidewater Chapter (VA051)

November 2013Donald V. Averso, CCVirginia Beach, VACC

Go to top of page ACF Washington State Chefs Association (WA013)

April 2014Gary L. Fuller, CEC, CCE, AACPort Orchard, WACCE
Gary L. Fuller, CEC, CCE, AACPort Orchard, WACEC

Go to top of page Mad City ACF Chapter, Inc. (WI082)

November 2013Loren F Lippitt, CECPortage, WICEC

Go to top of page ACF National Member

November 2013Norman F. Ruhe, Jr., CEC, CCEHigh Point, NCCEC
Norman F. Ruhe, Jr., CEC, CCEHigh Point, NCCCE
January 2014Darlene K. Smith-Gianelli, CCGlenns Ferry, IDCC
February 2014Stephen S. Kleinman, CEC, AACCentennial, COCEC

Go to top of page No Chapter Affiliation

November 2013Kim E. Hannon, CECMiddleboro, MACEC
December 2013Janet L. Etchart, CCLakewood, COCC
Jorge Fletes, CECMonterey, CACEC
Bernd M. Mueller, CEC, AACOrlando, FLCEC
January 2014Wanda Cropper, CWPC, CCEGreenville, SCCWPC
Wanda Cropper, CWPC, CCEGreenville, SCCCE
April 2014Widjiono Purnomo, CECWatervliet, NYCEC
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