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Join ACF in congratulating cooks and chefs who have been certified or recertified within the past 60 days.

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These individuals have been certified or recertified within the past 60 days. (* = recertified)

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September 2017Kelley Jefferson, CECApex, NCCEC
Paulo R. Lebre, CECAcushnet, MACEC
Jose Martinez, CCDenver, COCC
October 2017James R. Bradshaw, CEC, CCAQuechee, VTCEC*
Jenny S. Manseau, CCRahway, NJCC*
Christopher O'Connor, CECArlington, VACEC*
Alfred B. Payne, CECCharlottesville, VACEC*
William Phipps, CCFranklin, WICC
Jeanne E. Pruett, CCCCheyenne, WYCCC*
Nickolaus S. Rent, CCMaryland Heights, MOCC
November 2017Gary O. Ackerman, CECAustin, TXCEC*
Renie Arana, CECWahiawa, HICEC
Jofred B. Bernaldo, CCMakati City, PhilippinesCC
Johnalyn Edward, CCColorado Springs, COCC
Patricio G. Herrera, CECSan Mateo, CACEC*
Katelyn P. Hillhouse, CCColorado Springs, COCC
Giana Chloe E. Maramag, CCMakati City, PhilippinesCC
Sanford G. Neal, CFCChicago, ILCFC
Randi M. Powell, CCColorado Springs, COCC
Sherrilynn V. Riley, CFCChicago, ILCFC
Albert M. Santos, CCMakati City, PhilippinesCC
Ralph Jason G. Valeros, CCMakati City, PhilippinesCC
Kiara M. Williams, CFCChicago, ILCFC Continuing Education:  Easy as 123...