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These individuals have been certified or recertified within the past 60 days. (* = recertified)

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June 2016Melissa A. Abernathy, CPCCharlotte, NCCPC
Veronica J. Allen, CCHuntersville, NCCC
Claire O. Annas, CPCNewton, NCCPC
Emma M. Barnes, CCCharlotte, NCCC
Sondra L. Corry, CCCharlotte, NCCC
Patrick A. Cruz, CPCNorwood, NCCPC
Travis L. Dale, CEC, CCAMooresville, NCCEC*
Sophia S. Decker, CPCPineville, NCCPC
Jeremiah J. Dulin, CCCharlotte, NCCC
Judy E. Fleming, CCGastonia, NCCC
Emmanuel Joseph Grabowski, CCCharlotte, NCCC
Rhodica K. Harris, CCLancaster, SCCC
Mackenzie T. Kokot, CCMooresville, NCCC
Hanna M. LaFaye, CCCleveland, NCCC
Rebecca J. Laronde, CCCharlotte, NCCC
Khristian S. Lathe, CCIndian Trail, NCCC
Jewels B. Lawrence, CC, CPCCharlotte, NCCC
Lebra N. Lewis, CCCharlotte, NCCC
Tracey M. Lucas, CCCharlotte, NCCC
Kimberly S. Martin, CC, CPCIndian Trail, NCCC
Kimberly S. Martin, CC, CPCIndian Trail, NCCPC
Kionnie N. Matthews, CPCCharlotte, NCCPC
James O'Hara, PCECCharlotte, NCPCEC*
Donald R. Paleno, CECHendersonville, NCCEC
Kara Bowen Penley, CPCBessemer City, NCCPC
Laurel M. Skinner, CPCMooresville, NCCPC
Christopher J. Smith, CECJamestown, NCCEC*
Anthony M. Stewart, CCRock Hill, SCCC
JoAnn L. Watt, CCCharlotte, NCCC
Benjamin M. Wittie, CCCornelius, NCCC
July 2016Gregory G. John, CECGreensboro, NCCEC* Continuing Education:  Easy as 123...