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Carlton Brooks, CCE, CEPC

Carlton Brooks

Commercial Baking/Pastry Arts Instructor, Department of Culinary Arts, East Valley Institute of Technology, Mesa, Arizona
ACF Chef’s Association of Arizona, Inc.

“As a proud member of ACF, it is a privilege to be nominated for Western Region vice president. As immediate past president of ACF Chef’s Association of Arizona, Inc. for the previous four years and an ACFEF Knowledge Bowl Task Force member, I have an in-depth perspective of what being a member of the ACF family means. As chefs, educators, students and foodservice professionals, we must continue to maintain and emulate the highest standards and goals. My educational background has taught me to listen, evaluate and act so that we can foster partnerships with others. We are an organization of many minds, but each of us must strive to reach that one goal of becoming ‘The Standard of Excellence for Chefs.’”


My career started in the restaurant business at the young age of eight, washing dishes at my father’s Drugstore Soda Fountain and Dinette. Soon after I went to work for Max Lerner, at Max’s Bakery and Pastry Shop. While there Mr. Lerner apprenticed me, teaching many of the aspects of the baking and pastry industry in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

I then went to work for CORAL Management services as head of their baking operation. We provided baked goods from a commissary style environment to over 80 hospitals, nursing homes and ambulatory care facilities.

After graduating from the Culinary Arts program at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island, I soon went to work teaching baking and pastry classes for a high school Culinary Arts Vocational program for the Mesa Public School system. Soon afterwards my program split off to become a Career and Technical program at the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT). During my 30 plus years I have been teaching at the school, it afforded me the ability to take an active part with my areas ACF chapter, and my local community.

I am a graduate of the Mesa Leadership Training & Development program. I served on two city boards, was a loaned executive for the Mesa United Way, and served as President, Secretary and board member of my Temple for over 15 years.

During my tenure as an educator we were able to host, a Chef of the Year dinner, many local chapter meetings, and fund raisers, thus involving my co-teachers and students with the local ACF chapter. Part of my teaching duties has involved being a co-coordinator for our schools ACFEF Certified Secondary program, training students for ACF, C-CAP (Careers through Culinary Arts Programs), SkillsUSA and FCCLA competitions. All which have produced many winners. My program was awarded the Arizona CTE Program of the Year in 2004, and I was a top 10 finalist for Arizona Teacher of the year in 2006.

I have been an active member of my local ACF chapter, for many years. First the Resort and Country Club Chefs Association, which was later merged into the Chefs Association of Arizona. I first became certified in 2002 as a CEPC, then as a CCE. I have also been an ACE for the last four years. I am now serving my second, two year term as the chapter President. In the past I have held the position of Apprenticeship Coordinator, Educational Chair, Secretary, and Vice President. I have been nominated three times for Chef of the Year, and was selected in 2004. In 2011, under my leadership I co-hosted, and oversaw the Western Regional Conference, was appointed to serve on the Knowledge Bowl Committee, and was a member of the CCE Job Analysis Project. I have served for the last four years as Chair and Co-Chair of the Robert Bland Culinary Salon, an ACF sanctioned competition.


Challenger baseball coach for 5 years, teaching teamwork and sportsmanship to handicapped youth.

Consulted with project ABIL (Arizona Bridge to Independent Living) to design handicap accessible kitchens.

Teach baking classes for special needs children, explaining basic home kitchen safety and baking skills

Worked with the “Make A Wish” foundation in enabling wishes for terminally ill children, in conjunction with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)

Available on weekends to my students to offer them the availability to come in that time, to have a place to come practice their skills, talk about problems, and provide them with a home away from home

Work with the C-CAP (Careers Through Culinary Arts Program) program to provide teachers with baking skill sets so that they can be passed on to the students. I also work with the students to provide them the opportunity to compete, and practice their skills. A large portion of the Robert Bland Culinary Salon over the last few years has focused on giving the high school students to compete at a sanctioned culinary competition.

Over the last 25 years I have trained students for the SkillsUSA Baking competition. I have had three first place winners, one second place and four third place finishes. Over the years my students have consistently placed in the top 10

In 2004 my Baking program was selected as the Arizona Career and Technical Education program of the year

I have served on state curriculum advisory boards, accreditation committees, and numerous fact finding and statistical research education groups

I have worked on five local successful political campaigns. I assisted in developing candidate material and doing statistical data for the candidate.

I helped to merge three local ACF Chapters into one. Rewrote the chapter by-laws. Thus providing the ability for the chapters to merge, and come in alignment with current National ACF guidelines

Was a co-director in having my CTE program accredited by ACFEF

Work with the Arizona Jewish Historical Society doing oral biographies, documenting early Arizona Jewish Settlers, and developing a database of gravestones and ephemera for the society. I still volunteer once a month helping people find their early roots in the state

Worked with AMY (Arizona Museum for Youth) and a grant established by my son to develop handicapped learning environments at the museum

Host and manage our chapters website and email newsletter. In conjunction with our chapters bi-monthly Culinary Notes newsletter

Under my leadership our ACF chapter is in the process of developing and laying the foundation for a partnership with a local school district food and nutrition program to work with the Chefs Move to School

Under the auspices of our ACF chapter and my ACF students, we have developed a farmers market where we distribute over 15,000 lbs. of produce four times a year. A customer will pay $10.00 and is entitled to 60 lbs. of produce. We do cooking demonstrations of the produce items we have that week, as well as dehydrate, pickle, jar, and process the items into baked goods for sale at the next market.


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