Knowledge Bowl Game User’s Guide

How to Start

To start the Knowledge Bowl Game, run the CD or open KnowledgeBowl.html.

Selecting a Game

After you start the Knowledge Bowl Game, the game selection screen will be displayed. Click on the “+” sign beside “Practice Game” to start.

Using the Game Board

Several different pieces make up the game board:

When you select a question to open, it will be displayed in a new window. To view the answer to the question, click the “show answer” link in the lower left corner of the question window. To return to the game board, click the “close question” link in the upper right corner of the question window.

You may add or subtract points either before or after closing a question window. Simply click the “+” or “−” for the appropriate team.

A question square on the game board becomes invisible after it is clicked, but the question can be reopened by clicking the area on the game board where the question square was displayed.

Answer Sheet

A printable answer sheet [PDF] is available for use by instructors.

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