ZZZGFF Inc. (Girard’s Dressings) Profile

ZZZGFF Inc. (Girard’s Dressings)

ZZZGFF Inc. (Girard’s Dressings)

5442 Jillson Street
Los Angeles, CA 90040

Malcom Hackett, CEC, CFE, Corporate Chef
(323) 724-2319
Fax: (323) 726-0934


The Girard’s brand had its beginning in San Francisco in 1939 with a recipe for Girard’s Original French Dressing created by Chef Pierre Girard. Additional high quality dressings were added and merchandised in the now famous triangular bottles by the owners of the company, Jack Tucey and William Perry. The upgraded versions of these formulae remain in our food service and single service offerings to this day.

In 1991, the Girard’s owners decided to sell the retail division to the T. Marzetti Company of Columbus, Ohio. At this point, GFF Inc. was formed and Jack Tucey, Chairman and William Perry, President (owners of the remaining company), focused on food service, single service and export markets.

GFF Inc. continues to develop and produce a variety of unique high quality flavored salad dressings, sauces, white salad dressing and mayonnaise.

Girard’s food service and single service operations offer more than 100 varieties of dressings, sauces, and mayonnaise in addition custom formulations in standard packaging to if all food service, single service, and industrial requirements, including our new 2 oz. and .75 oz. salad dressing packet lines. In addition, several of our high quality salad dressings and sauces are Kosher approved as well as our mayonnaise products.

ACF Seal of Approval

GFF’s “Au Naturel” dressing formulations (all natural ingredients—no preservatives) have been awarded the ACF Seal of Approval.

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