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Many of salt’s 14,000 uses are found where you’d least expect them. Industrial salt users have trusted Cargill Salt for years to provide them with the rock, solar and evaporated salt products that they need for their applications. We also have technical experts on staff who can help customers with questions about the use of salt in their industry.

Foodservice: Cargill’s full line of foodservice salt products is unequaled—with the largest selection of front-of-house, back-of-house and specialty food salts, and our full line of water conditioning salts and ice melters.

Food Processing: Cargill Salt markets vacuum-evaporated salt in more than 30 standard granulations—from flour salt to flake and coarser varieties with various nutritional and anti-caking additives. Vacuum evaporated is the purest salt processed for use in thousands of food processing applications, among them canning, snack food manufacturing, cheese and dairy food processing, and baking.

Cargill History: Cargill began shipping grain down the Mississippi River in the late 1940s, but finding cargo to haul back up river proved to be a challenge. In 1955 Ray King, vice president of Cargo Carriers, made the decision to buy a barge load of Louisiana rock salt as backhaul cargo. Although it took a year to sell the load, Cargill’s salt business was underway.

The backhaul salt business grew steadily, and by 1960 Cargill management was convinced that rock salt fit into the company’s business model. Cargill acquired mineral rights in Belle Isle, Louisiana, and construction of a rock salt mine was begun. The first barge of Belle Isle rock salt was loaded in December 1962.

Business grew rapidly, and over the years Cargill acquired a number of other salt production facilities. Rock salt mines, evaporated salt plants and solar salt operations were purchased in Kansas, New York, Louisiana, California, Oklahoma and Australia. In 1995 a joint venture was formed to construct a solar salt facility in Venezuela.

A tremendous leap in the growth of Cargill’s salt business took place in April 1997 when the company acquired the North American assets of Akzo Nobel Salt, Inc. The Akzo acquisition doubled the size of Cargill Salt and made it the world’s only salt company with operations on three continents: Australia and North and South America.

Today, Cargill Salt operates vacuum evaporated salt production facilities in New York, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, Louisiana and California; rock salt mines in New York, Ohio and Louisiana; and solar evaporation facilities in Oklahoma, Utah, San Francisco Bay, Venezuela and Netherlands Antilles. In addition, Cargill Salt has numerous salt terminals and storage facilities located throughout the United States.

With the ability to sell over 18 million tons annually, Cargill Salt is the world’s largest marketer of salt products.

ACF Seal of Approval

Cargill Salt products have been awarded the ACF Seal of Approval.

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