ACF National Elections

Congratulations to the 2023 – 2025 ACF Board of Directors.

ACF National President

Rene J. Marquis

Rene J. Marquis, CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC

Immediate Past President

Kimberly Brock Brown

Kimberly Brock Brown, CEPC, CCA, AAC

ACF National Secretary

Jeff Bacon

Jeff Bacon, CEC, CCA, AAC

ACF National Treasurer

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson, CEC, CCE, AAC

Central Region Vice-President

Rajeev Patgaonkar

Rajeev Patgaonkar, CEC, AAC

Northeast Region Vice-President

Ray McCue

Ray McCue, CEC, AAC

Southeast Region Vice-President

Bryan Frick

Bryan Frick, CEC, AAC

Western Region Vice-President

Greg Matchett

Greg Matchett, CEC, AAC

American Academy of Chefs Chair

Joe G. Aiello

Joe G. Aiello, CEC, AAC, HOF

2023 ACF Annual Meeting - Election Results