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National Culinary Review (NCR) is read by more than 20,000 chefs and culinary professionals who value its insightful articles on food, drink and menu trends, product application, management and lifestyle issues, recipes and professional development. Launched in 1932, NCR is the flagship publication of the American Culinary Federation, publishing six issues a year. Current ACF members and subscribers log in to read a full digital version of the latest NCR and several years of archives. New readers sign up to access NCR and stay on top of what’s happening in the culinary industry and inside the ACF.

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We Are Chefs is the American Culinary Federation’s digital content hub featuring articles from the pages of National Culinary Review (NCR) as well as online exclusives covering ACF chefs, chapters, programs, news and events; food and trends; management and operations; health and sustainability; culinary education; student life; careers, and much more.

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