ACF Today, Vol. IV, No. 9
May 01, 2006

In this edition . . .

  • Deadline Nearing for Discounted Convention Registration Rate
  • Earn Continuing-Education Hours at the 2006 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®
  • Congratulations to the 2006 American Academy of Chefs and Culinary Hall of Fame Inductees
  • Informative Seminars, Refresher Courses and More Available at 2006 ACF National Convention
  • Crab-Cake Contest Open to AAC Chefs
  • ACF Thanks its National Convention and ACF Culinary Team USA Sponsors

Deadline Nearing for Discounted Convention Registration Rate

ACF members who plan to attend the 2006 ACF National Convention should register by May 5 to take advantage of a discounted registration fee. The 56th ACF National Convention will take place July 14-17, 2006 in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Marriott and Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Don't miss any of the networking and educational opportunities, competitions or social events that will occur at this year's national convention! Reserve your room at the Philadelphia Marriott by June 22 and enjoy a special ACF-convention rate of $156 per night. To register for convention or for more information, visit or call (800) 624-9458.

Earn Continuing-Education Hours at the 2006 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®

The General Education and Technology Sessions of the 2006 National Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show® have been pre-approved by the certifying body of ACF for 18 continuing-education hours (CEH) for all levels of certified chefs and culinarians. ACF-certified chefs (CWPC, CSC, CCC, CSCE, CCE, PCEC, CEC, CEPC, CCA, CMPC, CMC) and ACF-certified culinarians (CC, CPC) may claim a maximum of 18 CEH, depending on sessions attended.
Members and nonmembers may register for the show by visiting, and registration is $60 per person. You may also download the registration form from the Web site and submit it via U.S. mail to NRA Registration Headquarters, P.O. Box 624, Brookfield, IL 60513-0624, or fax it to (708) 344-4444. If you have any questions, e-mail or call customer service at (312) 580-5410.

Congratulations to the 2006 American Academy of Chefs and Culinary Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to the following 2006 American Academy of Chefs and Culinary Hall of Fame inductees and honorary inductees, who will be inducted at the annual AAC meeting at the 2006 ACF National Convention in Philadelphia in July:

American Academy of Chefs Inductees

Central Region
Fred Griesbach, CEC
Sponsors: David Davidson, CEC, CCA, AAC; John Zehnder, CEC, AAC
Robert Hertel, CEC, CCE, FMP
Sponsors: Thomas Elkin, CEC, AAC; Lynn Krause, CEPC, AAC; Oliver Sommer, CEC, AAC, HOF
Jeffrey Igel, CEC, CCE, CCA
Sponsors: Albert Exenberger, CEC, CCE, AAC; Gregory Wozniak, CEC, AAC
Jeffrey LaBeau, CEC
Sponsors: Charles Duberstein, CEC, AAC; William "Bo" Kozak, CEC, AAC
Aidan Murphy, CMC
Sponsors: John Bogacki, CEC, CCE, AAC; Oliver Sommer, CEC, AAC, HOF; Johannes Verdonkschot, CEC, AAC, HOF
Mark Spelman, CEC
Sponsors: Michael Garbin, CEC, AAC; Roland Schaeffer, CEC, AAC, HOF

Northeastern Region
Bruce Deeble, CEC
Sponsors: Carmen Allegrucci, CEC, AAC; John Hudak, CEC, AAC
Charles Gipe, CEC
Sponsors: Istvan Huszti, CEC, AAC; Fritz Sonnenschmidt, CMC, AAC, HOF
Michael Harants, CEC, CCE
Sponsors: Dale Miller, CMC, AAC; Thomas Recinella, CEC, AAC
Ronald Herbinko, CEC, CCE
Sponsors: Joseph Parrotto, CEC, CCE, AAC; Timothy Tain, CEC, CCE, AAC
Peter Locante, CEC
Sponsors: William Hunt, CEC, CCE, AAC; Arthur Inzinga, CEC, CCE, AAC
Thomas Long, CEC
Sponsors: Thomas Hartung, AAC; Walter Schaffhauser, AAC
Timothy Michitsch, CEC, CCE
Sponsors: Kenneth Bucholtz, CEC, AAC; David St. John-Grubb, CEC, CCE, AAC
Alan Neace, Sr., CEC
Sponsors: David Davidson, CEC, CCA, AAC; John Kinsella, CMC, CCE, AAC
Christine Amarosa Neugebauer, CEC
Sponsors: Frederick Robinson, CEC, AAC; William Tillinghast, CEC, AAC
Sharon Pallas, CC, CEPC
Sponsors: Robert Burns, CEC, AAC; Donald Hauck, CEC, AAC
Michael Redmond, CEC
Sponsors: Paul Healy, CEC, AAC; Mark Wright, CEC, AAC
Robert Roebuck, CEC
Sponsors: Roger Kelly, CEC, AAC; Gerald Scanlan, CEC, CCE, AAC
Michael Vignapiano, CCE
Sponsors: Brad Barnes, CMC, CCA, AAC; Frank Costantino, CEC, CCE, AAC
Lawrence Weiss, CCC, CCE
Sponsors: Stephen Bello, CEC, AAC; Michael Fahey, CEC, CCE, AAC

Southeastern Region
Michael Deihl, CEC
Sponsors: Michael Bologna, CEC, CCE, AAC; Richard Nickless, CEC, CCA, AAC, CDM, CFPP
Patrick Fagen, CEC
Sponsors: Harold Laman, CEC, AAC; Anthony Lauri, CEC, AAC
Ralph Feraco, CEC
Sponsors: David Leicht, CEC, AAC; Frank Setera, CEC, AAC
Dominick Laudia, CEC
Sponsors: John Saundry, CEC, AAC; Roderick Smith, CEC, AAC
Michael Priola, CEC
Sponsors: Stephen Afflixio, CEC, AAC; Frederik Lucardie, CEC, AAC
Noel Ridsdale, CEC, CCA
Sponsors: Guenther Reetz, CEC, CCE, AAC; John Wright, CEC, CEPC, CCE, AAC

Western Region
Jill Bosich, CEC, CCE
Sponsors: Murat Day, CEC, AAC; Vince Paris, CCE, AAC
Robert Meitzer, CEC
Sponsors: William Franklin, CMC, AAC; John Johnson, CCC, CCE, AAC
David Prows, CEC
Sponsors: Harry Brockwell, CEC, AAC; Michael Ty, CEC, AAC

American Academy of Chefs Honorary Inductees
Mary Campbell, CCC, CCE
Girolamo Calzante
Robert Hatoff
Edwin Johnson
John Price, CCC
Michael Rand

Culinary Hall of Fame Inductees
Bert Cutino, CEC, AAC
Biagio Dente, CEC, AAC

Culinary Hall of Fame Honorary Inductee
Bruno Marti, HAAC, HHOF

Informative Seminars, Refresher Courses and More Available at 2006 ACF National Convention

If you're interested in becoming a certified master chef (CMC) or beginning your own business, don't miss "Exploring the CMC Exam-The Certified Master Chef Exam Studied and Revealed" or "Build a Better Business" seminars, which will be offered at this year's ACF national convention on July 17 and 16, respectively. Presented by Brad Barnes, CMC, CCA, AAC, the master-chef seminar will explore the many facets of the exam's segments, scoring rubrics and logistics, and it will explain how potential candidates can build a better path toward success.

The "Build a Better Business" seminars will consist of five sessions designed to help the entrepreneur create a successful business. The sessions will include: "Take Your New Business or Business Idea to the Next Level" by The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, presented as two parts, in back-to-back sessions; "Introduction to Catering: Ingredients for Success" by R. William Jardine and Dr. Stephen B. Shiring; "Finding Time To Be Great and "Contemporary Cuisine" by Charles M. Carroll, CEC, AAC; and "Applied Cost Controls" by Paul Magnant, CCE, CEC.

The 2006 ACF National Convention is also the site of several Education Clinics: "Documenting Student Assessment and Evaluation," by Dr. Nancy Schley on July 13; "A Multimedia Experience," by J. Desmond Keefe, M. Ed., CHE, on July 14; and "The Exceptional Student," by David Bearl, CCC, CCE, on July 14. In addition, the nutrition refresher course will be held at convention on July 15, the sanitation and safety refresher course on July 16 and the management refresher course on July 17. The eight-hour refresher courses, which cost $75 each, will provide the latest science and trends and will go toward maintaining certification. For more information, including registration, visit or call (800) 624-9458.

Crab-Cake Contest Open to AAC Chefs

AAC chefs-here's your chance to win big! The American Academy of Chefs & Phillips Foods are searching for new and innovative ways to Dress a Crab Cake. Start with a Phillips Maryland-style frozen crab cake in the center of your plate and get creative by adding toppings, garnishes, layers, sauces and other accoutrements to give it a whole new feel. For example, give a crab cake an Asian spin by topping it with warm vanilla ginger sauce and serving it over a bed of cellophane noodles or garnish macadamia-encrusted crab cakes with a savory black-bean salsa.

First place wins $750 and menu inclusion at the AAC Dinner at the ACF national convention in Philadelphia, second place wins $200 and third place wins $50. You must be an AAC member to be eligible for the contest. To enter, visit to download a form, then send the completed form to Rebekah Brill at 1215 E. Fort Ave., Baltimore, MD, 21230 or fax it to (410) 837-8526. Entries must be received by June 23, 2006. If you have any questions, call (888) 234-2722, ext. 1605.

ACF Thanks its National Convention and ACF Culinary Team USA Sponsors

ACF sincerely thanks the below sponsors for their generous and continued support of ACF and its mission!

2006 ACF National Convention Sponsors

Custom Culinary, Inc.
Nestlé FoodServices
R.L. Schreiber, Inc.

Grand Platinum
Le Cordon Bleu Schools North America
Chef Designs
Tyson Foods, Inc.
Unilever Foodsolutions

The Art Institutes International, Inc.
Johnson & Wales University
McCormick & Company, Inc.

Barber Foods
Butterball Farms, Inc.
The Cheesecake Factory Bakery Incorporated
Chef's Hat, Inc.
Boggiatto Garden Hearts
GFF, Inc./Girard's Dressings

Canada Cutlery, Inc.
Schulstad Royal Danish Pastry

Mind's Eye Resource Management, LLC
NEWCHEF Fashion, Inc.

ACF Culinary Team USA Sponsors

Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
Tyson Foods, Inc.
Uncle Bens
Unilever Foodsolutions
Chef Revival
Chef's Hat
Club Managers Association of America
Westchester Country Club

LAST CHANCE - Don't Miss the 2006 Santé Restaurant Symposium
May 7-10 at the Equinox Resort & Spa in Historic Manchester, Vt.

Don't miss your opportunity to:

  • Choose from 50 exceptional seminar topics, including "The Power of Public Relations," "An Exploration in Chocolate," "Best Practices from DiRoNA Restaurateurs," "Wine Training Boot Camp," and so many more! All are hosted by top industry professionals, including Alex Brennan-Martin, Sondra Bernstein, Tony Abou-Ganim, and Evan Goldstein, M.S.
  • Learn from and share ideas with leading restaurant professionals from around the country during meals, receptions, and recreational events
  • Sample the latest foods, wines, spirits and technology in two full-sized exhibit tents
  • Hear keynote speeches from Charlie Trotter, famed chef; Helene Kennan, president of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs; and David M. Dudar, corporate director of marketing and communications for RockResorts International
  • Be treated to top fare from around the world during hosted dinners, receptions and hospitality suites

Contact Santé magazine today at (800) 493-9585 to learn more and reserve your spot at the 2006 Santé Restaurant Symposium. For more information, including registration, visit

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