The Culinary Insider - March 14, 2011 (Vol. IX, Issue 6)

Sizzle’s Spring Issue Unveils New Look

Cover of Spring 2011 

We are proud to unveil a new design and editorial changes in the spring issue of Sizzle. Now with an updated look throughout, you will find that the magazine is easier to read. Sizzle’s department names have also changed to better reflect each section and we added an international flavors article.

Articles in the spring issue:

  • Recipes for seafood and rabbit paella.
  • Discover what it takes to run a restaurant.
  • Find out why chefs are working with domestic cheesemakers.
  • Consider a career as a military chef.
  • Learn how to fabricate geoduck.
  • Experience Chile’s fruit industry.
  • François Kwaku-Dongo tells how his unlikely cooking career began.

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ACF Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan PDF

The strategic plan was developed by the Board of Directors of the American Culinary Federation, Inc. (ACF) with input from ACF’s national office and contains initiatives and action items to move the organization forward over the next five years, 2011–2016.

The board reflected on the mission, vision, current operating conditions and practices, finances and growth, as well as critical issues and major influences driving the business. Key elements necessary for the organization to continue the success ACF has realized over the past 80 years were recognized and four fundamental strategies were identified to be the focus of the organization during the upcoming years. These strategies will be the blueprint the organization follows in formulating and executing the respective plans. More

Small Plates for Healthy Appetites

Plated Appetizers

Appetizers may be becoming the new entrée, with restaurants popping up across the country that offer a wide variety of small plates for group enjoyment. As chefs, you predicted this trend when approximately 60 percent of you labeled small plates as a “hot” trend in the National Restaurant Association’s 2011 What’s Hot Survey. While the idea is splendid, if not quite novel, the execution may be trickier than one presumes. There is a reason that this idea of small plates is taking off though. If done correctly, small plates can benefit everyone, from the customer to the chef to the restaurateur. Read March’s “Culinary Nutrition News,” sponsored by French’s Foodservice and provided through a partnership between ACFEF Chef & Child Foundation and Clemson University.

The Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education

  • CAFE Teaching Strategies/Best Practices
  • Leadership Through New Ideas
  • Sustainability Conference
  • International Desserts
  • Catering Operations/Curriculum

Instructor scholarships available! For more information on 2011 CAFÉ events, to read this month’s “Gold Medal Classroom” or to sign up for regular updates on CAFÉ programs, news and opportunities for foodservice educators and culinary trainers, visit

USDA Kicks Off National Nutrition Month by Announcing Nutrition Grants

Team Nutrition The USDA kicked off National Nutrition Month on March 2 by announcing the availability of Team Nutrition Training Grants for Healthy Meals to states to help children develop healthy eating and physical activity habits for healthier lifestyles.

Team Nutrition Training Grants are one of the anchor delivery systems for supporting the implementation of USDA’s nutrition requirements and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans in meals served in schools and child care institutions. The grants offer funding to state agencies to establish or enhance sustainable infrastructures for implementing Team Nutrition’s goal of improving children’s lifelong eating and physical activity habits.

ACF National Elections Voting Eligibility

Vote ACF members will vote electronically in May for the 2011–2013 Board of Directors national officers. To guarantee your eligibility to vote, your dues must be paid and your contact information and e-mail current. Update your member profile on the ACF website or call ACF at (800) 624-9458. Contact ACF Nominations & Elections Committee Chair Mark Kent, CEC, with questions at (330) 972-2349 or e-mail him.