The Culinary Insider - March 26, 2012 (Vol. X, Issue 7)

Chefs Move to Schools Grants Available for Participating Chefs

Move to Schools The ACF is offering $250 grants to chefs participating in the national Chefs Move to Schools program. Three granting opportunities are available in 2012, with the first application deadline April 30. Chefs interested in applying must be registered with the new Chefs Move to Schools website, be matched with a school and have volunteered twice within a year. Applicants are not required to be ACF members. Download the grant application and apply. Email for questions or additional information.

New ACF Training Series Highlights Breakfast Station for Apprentices

Cover of Breakfast Station

Are you a chef or educator looking to teach your staff or students about the breakfast station? If so, you won’t want to miss the Breakfast Station learning module available. This 33-page module provides readers with information on a variety of breakfast meals, including egg dishes, breakfast meats, potatoes and batters. The module also includes information on sustainability practices. Each module is accompanied by a CD with additional educational and review tools, including: Quick Quiz®, illustrated glossary, flash cards, media clips, checkpoints, culinary math applications and a certification exam prep. Learn more and purchase the Breakfast Station module, #4187.

The module is part of ACF’s educational series, National Apprenticeship Training Program for Cooks, published by American Technical Publishers. Other available modules are: Cooking Techniques; Soup & Sauce; Vegetables, Starch & Pasta; Baking & Pastry; Broiler/Char-Grill; Fabrication; Pantry & Cold Foods; Steward; and Supervisory Development. More

More Reasons to Be :)

Happy Chef Smile: a better way to buy your culinary apparel is coming soon. The entire Happy Chef experience is being improved to make it simpler to find what you need, fast. Browse our new apparel styles and preview the new Happy Chef experience today.

Greek Yogurt: Ingredient of the Month

Pasta Carbonara

Greek yogurt is created from a centuries-old technique of straining out liquid whey, creating a thick, creamy yogurt without the addition of gums, thickeners or milk fat. This straining method makes Greek yogurt not only denser, but also provides twice the protein, less lactose and fewer carbs than regular yogurt. While it can be eaten as a healthy snack sweetened with honey and berries, Greek yogurt is also a great cooking ingredient. It can be used in everything from savory sauces to sweet baked goods. Read more and learn how to make Pasta Carbonara using Greek yogurt in March’s Ingredient of the Month, provided through a partnership between the ACFEF Chef & Child Foundation and Clemson University.

Save the Date!

Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education
8th-Annual Leadership Conference
June 21–23, 2012
Hosted by The Culinary Institute of America, San Antonio

New presenters, themes and ideas for foodservice instructors! Highlights include:

  • Full day of Educational Best Practices
  • Trends from industry leaders
  • Included: all programming, reception, meals, InfoFair and ACF CEHs
  • Luxury all-suite Riverfront hotel @ $129/night

Visit for registration, hotel information, instructor scholarships and awards. Subscribe for weekly programming updates.

Lights. Camera. Action!



The Food Network is casting dynamic, outgoing, experienced professional chefs who want to test their culinary skills against those of their peers for “Chopped.” Four chefs will race against the clock with their food judged on taste, creativity and presentation by the experts. Three are eliminated along the way, and only one remains the ultimate $10,000 winner. Apply

Top Chef “Top Chef”

Every season the bar gets higher, every season it means more to be the one on top. Do you have what it takes to be the next top chef? Chefs with a passion for food, ingenuity, a thorough knowledge of cooking techniques and trends and oodles of charisma are wanted. Apply for season 10 and/or attend a casting call.

Kitchen Nightmares

“Kitchen Nightmares”

Are you looking to revive your restaurant? Let Chef Gordon Ramsey come into your establishment to troubleshoot your problems and try to get you back on the road to success. Restaurants must have been open at least one year, offer dinner service, not be a franchise or chain, and have at least 35 seats. Apply

National Lunch Break for Schools Fundraiser Successful

Lunch Break for Schools The Lunch Break for Schools fundraiser featured more than 60 chefs from 25 states participating in the inaugural event. Chefs were asked to create and sell healthy lunches from Feb. 27 to March 2 to raise funds for ACF’s involvement in Chefs Move to Schools. All proceeds from the event benefited the Chef & Child Foundation to help create nutrition-based educational resources for chefs involved in outreach programs like Chefs Move to Schools. The makers of Hidden Valley® Salad Dressings provided the underwriting making the fundraiser possible.