Press Release

Crean To Lead ACF’s Education Department

St. Augustine, Fla., April 24, 2002—A chef who is passionate about culinary education and has proven leadership skills will join the American Culinary Federation’s (ACF’s) national office June 1 as the Education Department director. Joseph “Kully” Crean, a certified executive chef and certified culinary educator, retired from the U.S. Navy in June with 22 years of service as a chef and culinary educator.

Chef Crean took his first foodservice job at the age of 15 in his hometown of Brunswick, Ga., and joined the Navy at age 17. He earned associate’s degrees from Johnson & Wales University and St. Leo University and a bachelor’s degree in business management from Troy State University, where he is pursuing a master’s degree.

As ACF’s director of education, he will manage ACCESS ACF and ACF accreditation, apprenticeship, and certification programs, as well as educational related special projects, such as the creation of a series of textbooks using ACF authors. He said part of his job would be to educate ACF members about the various education programs and how members could benefit from them to improve their professional abilities.

Chef Crean will work to make sure that ACF’s present educational requirements meet the challenges of the electronic age. Emphasis will be directed toward “value-based” projects that offer quality educational opportunities and benefits to membership and the diverse populations within the foodservice workforce.

Chef Crean said the ACCESS ACF program, which certifies secondary education program in schools, is an ideal way to expose the next generation to the foodservice profession. He said a major trend in the nation’s schools system is toward seamless education and dual enrollment. ACCESS ACF is the key to certifying these programs for the foodservice industry.

“In the future, we’ll see young people coming into the workforce with a knowledgeable background in foodservice,” he said. “They will know a little more about what to do in the kitchen, and ACF needs to have an active role in this area.”

Chef Crean has been an ACF member since 1986 and has served on several education committees. He plans to continue that dedication to ACF’s education programs in his new position.

“I’m here to support the national president, the board of directors and the board of governors, and the membership as a whole in the education projects they want to accomplish,” he said. “Here at the national office, our task is to help ACF grow and flourish.”