ACF Nominations and Elections Committee Nominations

Nomination timeline for the Central and Western regions:

January 9th - deadline for nominations
January 10th - 17 – Campaigning
January 18 -25 - voting electronically for chapter presidents not attending ChefConnect
February 5 – voting in person at the business meeting at ChefConnect:Chicago*

Nomination timeline for the Northeast and Southeast regions:

January 30th - deadline for nominations
January 31st- February 7 – Campaigning
February 8 -15 - voting electronically for chapter presidents not attending ChefConnect
February 26 – voting in person at the business meeting at ChefConnect: NYC*

*Proxy forms are available if your chapter is sending voting representation other than the chapter president to the business meetings at ChefConnects.

Please submit the completed intent to run form and send to Heidi Cramb, Executive Director at

  • Name and Contact Information for interested candidate (please check with them first so they are not surprised when ACF National office sends them follow-up emails)
  • ACF Member Number (six digits), member must have dues paid and remain a current ACF member throughout their term (ends in July 2019).
  • Declaration of which position they are seeking (i.e. NE or SE Region Committee member or National Chairperson – deadline for National Chairperson nominations is June 30th, 2017 ). A candidate for chairperson cannot run for both chair of the committee and serve as a regional committee member in the same term.
  • A very brief Professional Bio (in Word format)

Committee Summary

The Nominations and Elections Committee shall facilitate the nominations process and supervise the election of the National and Regional Officers within the American Culinary Federation in accordance with policies and procedures established by the Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. The committee shall accept nominations from eligible ACF members, verify the qualifications of the nominees, and present the list of qualified nominees to the ACF executive director for publication purposes at the close of nominations. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact National Secretary Kyle Richardson at