ACE Apprenticeship

An ACE apprenticeship is defined as the “shadowing” of the evaluation process from start through critique. The ACE candidate is to observe the evaluation process and utilize skills taught in the ACE Training seminar. A candidate must complete an ACE application and the ACE Training seminar before attempting an apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship is not determined by the number of candidates taking the practical but by the number of times the ACE candidate goes through the entire evaluation process with a Lead ACE or ACE Trainer.

In order to receive credit for an apprenticeship, the ACE candidate must complete four full practical evaluations from start through critique. Your attendance is recorded on the Examinations Summary Score Sheet by the on-site administrator, you will need to provide your ACF ID number. The Lead ACE will complete an Apprentice Critique Form evaluating your participation, this and the score sheet and/or sign-in sheet are then returned to ACF for processing.

Each apprenticeship is recorded and once all requirements are met, the ACE will be listed by state with other Approved Certification Evaluators. The ACE will be notified by e-mail, and will receive a congratulatory letter with ACE card and a copy of the Practical Exam Administrator Guide.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Practical exam dates can be found on the ACF website either by state or by exam date. Once you’ve located a practical exam date and location of your choosing, contact the Test Administrator to indicate your interest in attending and to confirm that a Lead ACE will be present at the examination.