Becoming a New Evaluator

We are now accepting applications for certified members who wish to become an approved Certification Evaluator.

  • Step 1, Complete New Evaluator Application
  • Step 2, Attend New Evaluator Training*
  • Step 3, Participate in four exams as an Apprentice Evaluator with a Lead Evaluator who provides instruction, reviews your scores, and assesses your readiness.
  • Step 4, Receive Approval Status from the Certification Department at the ACF National Office.

* Note: New Evaluator Training will be scheduled in 2016. Please submit your application to the National Office for further information.

Score Sheets & Exam Security

Candidate Score Sheets must be completed by each evaluator individually, and then the Administrator will compile scores for final pass/fail determination. All paperwork from the exam must be secured by the Administrator and received by the National Office within five days of the exam (see Handbook).

Questions? Contact us: (800) 624-9458, ext. 505, or