Certification Journeys

A Chef's Journey to Becoming ACF-Certified [PDF]

A Chef’s Journey to Becoming ACF-Certified

August 2014

Longtime American Culinary Federation (ACF) member, Junior Team coach, practical exam evaluator, ACF site visit evaluator and more recently assisting a group of Peruvian Chefs in Lima, Peru, with their certifications, Robert Gregson, CEC®, CCE® has worn many hats with ACF. Full Article

A Chef's Journey to Becoming ACF-Certified [PDF]

A Chef’s Journey to Becoming ACF-Certified

April 2014

Born in 1926 and raised in Switzerland, Leopold K. Schaeli, CMC®, was the youngest of 8 children. He began his culinary career in Giswil Kt. Obwalden, making cheese in his father’s dairy while attending school. Full Article

A Chef's Journey to Becoming ACF-Certified [PDF]

A Chef’s Journey to Becoming ACF-Certified

March 2014

Kurt Walker, CEC®, CEPC®, CCE®, CCA®, is one of those lucky individuals who knew the career path he wanted to pursue early in life. Working in restaurants throughout high school, Walker began his culinary journey as a teen and enrolled in culinary school on graduation. He credits his exceptional instructors with his desire to become ACF-certified. They stressed the importance of education and the ACF certification process. Full Article

A Chef's Journey to Becoming ACF-Certified [PDF]

A Chef’s Journey to Becoming ACF-Certified

February 2014

The road to certification is different for everyone, and it can help an individual grow in ways that would surprise even the most seasoned chef. Despite the challenge, Tiffany Poe, CEC®, wholeheartedly believes that ACF certification is a journey worth taking. Poe started her certification journey more than 10 years ago when she first walked the halls of The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, N.Y., dreaming of her culinary career. Full Article

A Chef's Journey to Becoming ACF-Certified [PDF]

A Chef’s Journey to Becoming ACF-Certified

January 2014

Miami Dade College & Miami Culinary Institute (MCI), Miami, and Imo State Polytechnic Umuagwo, Imo, Nigeria, are sharing educational strategy, curriculum and other resources in an effort to assist Nigeria’s exploding hospitality industry. The partnership is aimed at developing culinary and hospitality degree program for students as well as provides training and support to instructors. Full Article

Certification Goes International [PDF]

Proud ACF Member’s Quest for Certification

November/December 2013

As a child, Phuong “Ed” Cao, CEC®, CCA®, an executive chef with Sodexo at Schlumberger Technology Corp., Houston, was amazed at the street vendors who rolled their food carts up and down the streets of Saigon, Vietnam, whipping up bowls of pho in a matter of minutes. He credits his mother, however, with inspiring him to cook. He remembers being in awe of her creations. She was able to take a few ingredients and create delicious dishes, as if by magic. Full Article

Certification Goes International [PDF]

Certification Goes International

April 2013

My journey to certification is different from that of most certification candidates, as I live and work in Manila, Philippines. As an international chef seeking certification, it was challenging to find approved testing sites and locate practical exam ingredients. Luckily, I was part of a group certification, an endeavor of the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA), where I am a chef-instructor. Full Article

Certification:  the Missing Link [PDF]

Certification: the Missing Link

March 2013

I started in this business, like many others, up to my elbows in suds at a pots and pans sink. At 16 years old, I found this gig fun and easy work. Occasionally, I helped prep. I listened to the radio and ate well while making minimum wage. I was content to ride it out through my high school years, until I met the chefs. One weekend, the property where I worked hosted a high-profile dinner to benefit the American Red Cross. Full Article

Proud ACF Member on a Quest for CEC [PDF]

Proud ACF Member on a Quest for CEC®

April 2012

Who knew that in 1991 I would attend Suffolk County Community College’s Eastern campus in Riverhead, N.Y., and fall in love with the stainless steel kitchen environment? I was infatuated with the sights, sounds and smells of creating dishes for others’ enjoyment. As a student, I was aware of the American Culinary Federation (ACF), but I didn’t have an interest in it or see great value in joining at that time. Full Article

The Road to Creating Edible Art [PDF]

The Road to Creating Edible Art

September 2011

The road toward any goal can be filled with challenges, frustrations and roadblocks. My road to certification had many surprising twists and turns that led me down a path I never dreamt of traveling. After graduating with a degree in foods, nutrition and dietetics from Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tenn., my plan was to attend graduate school and work toward a registered dietitian degree in the healthcare foodservice field. Full Article

Life is Short. Eat Dessert First [PDF]

Life is Short. Eat Dessert First

May 2011

Creating delicious pastries and artistic products has always fascinated me. Really good pastries seem to be able to make people happy instantly, and people smile at the sight of a beautiful pastry display. I love to see someone do a little happy dance or smile with their eyes closed after eating something I created. My passion for pastry started when I was young, after my mom gave me a cake-decorating set. Full Article

Mastering the Art of Cooking [PDF]

Mastering the Art of Cooking

January 2011

My Journey to Certified Master Chef® (CMC®) began when I was a student at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., from 1988 to 1990. I observed some of the members of 1988 ACF Culinary Team USA crafting their artful presentations as they practiced for the Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung in Frankfurt, Germany. Peering through the glass, my roommate, Daniel Dumont, CMC, and I witnessed certified master chefs at their best. Full Article