Be That ACF Certified Chef!

Brian Beland

“My ACF certification catapulted my career and I encourage all my aspiring chefs to become certified. It opens doors and shows you uphold the highest culinary standards.” —Brian Beland, CMC®

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Submit application and fee with documentation of work experience and education as it relates to your chosen certification level.
Step 2: Practice and test for the written and practical examinations.
Step 3: Submit final application and fee with documentation of successful completion of your written and practical examinations.

How Long Will it Take?

Certification can be achieved between three and six months depending on a your readiness (required courses completed/current and availability of required documentation). Check out the PDF estimated timeline.

What Will it Cost?

Estimated cost depends on your chosen certification level. The Certification Cost Estimates will help you budget for the various costs. Some additional variable costs include practical exam host site fee, educational coursework, cost of food for the practical exam and practice sessions.

Toolbox Resources

Additional resources to assist you on your certification journey are available in the Toolbox.

A Glimpse Into the Certification Journey

Got Questions?

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