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These individuals have been certified or recertified within the past 60 days. (* = recertified)

American Culinary Federation Chefs of Charlotte Inc. (NC011)

October 2018Valerie N. Anglin, CCHarrisburg, NCCC*
Xavier J. Bonnemere, CCCharlotte, NCCC*
Cassandra H. Cottone, CCHigh Point, NCCC*
Stacy E. Davis-Hayes, CCCharlotte, NCCC*
Dorilyn Fortis-Abadia, CCCharlotte, NCCC*
Lalah D. Graham, CCCharlotte, NCCC*
Steven G. Hunte, CCCharlotte, NCCC*
Marcus Jefferson, CCCharlotte, NCCC*
Cole B. Ketch, CCLexington, NCCC*
Samantha M. Ledbetter, CCNew London, NCCC*
Philip J. Lloyd, CECHuntersville, NCCEC*
Clifton Massey, CC, CPCCharlotte, NCCC*
Clifton Massey, CC, CPCCharlotte, NCCPC*
Brian C. Massiello, CCMount Pleasant, NCCC*
Kelly Ann A. Pearson, CCCharlotte, NCCC*
Charlie Peralta, CCFort Mill, SCCC*
Paola Pineda, CCHuntersville, NCCC*
David N. Richards, CCCharlotte, NCCC*
Sadat Roach, CCMatthews, NCCC*
Jacob Sturm, CCIndian Trail, NCCC*
Samantha Valmocina, CCMatthews, NCCC*
Bea Vang, CCConover, NCCC*
Tina L. Vargo, CCKannapolis, NCCC*
November 2018Yebin Lee, CCCCharlotte, NCCCC