Certification Evaluators

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Certification Evaluator Handbook
Policy & Procedures for Certification Evaluators

Test Administrator Handbook
Policy & Procedures for all Practical Exam Administration

New Evaluator Application
Used to volunteer as an exam evaluator and request training

Certification Evaluator Training Registration Form
Used to register for training sessions

Apprentice Sign-In & Critique
Used to monitor apprentices

Approved Mentor Application
Used to apply as an ACF Certification Approved Mentor

Becoming a Certification Evaluator

Certification Evaluators are an integral part of the ACF Certification process. Certification Evaluators have the responsibility to fairly evaluate candidates taking the practical exam. The following steps are required to become a Certification Evaluator:

  • Submit New Evaluator Application
  • Attend New Evaluator Training
  • Participate in three practical exams as an Apprentice Evaluator
  • Receive approval from ACF

Policies & Procedures

Certification Evaluators must adhere to the policies and procedures provided in the Certification Evaluator Handbook.

Maintaining Certification Evaluator Status

Certification Evaluators are responsible for complying with the following to maintain approved status:

  • Current ACF certification and membership.
  • Complete continuing education requirements necessary to maintain evaluator status including attending an online refresher (typically a 1.5 hour annual class).
  • Comply with continuing education requirements necessary to maintain volunteer status including attending an anti-harassment webinar (typically a 1-hour class once every two years) and any other requirements as set by the ACF.
  • Evaluate at least one practical exam every two calendar years.

Failure to comply with these requirements will render the evaluator status inactive until completion of an eight hour Training Seminar and all of the above requirements are met.

Becoming an Approved Mentor

To become an Approved Mentor, Certification Evaluators must meet the following requirements:

  • Certification Evaluator in good standing
  • Active Certification Evaluator for minimum of two years
  • Served as Test Administrator for two exams in the past five years
  • Evaluated both pastry and savory exams in the past five years
  • Evaluated at least two exams in pastry (with savory certification) or two savory exams (with pastry certification)
  • Successfully completed a CEC® or CEPC® practical exam
  • Attend a 4-hour Approved Mentor training
  • Successfully complete Approved Mentor written exam at conclusion of Mentor training
  • Submit Approved Mentor Application

Becoming a Certification Evaluator Trainer

Certification Trainers are tasked with ensuring those who administer scoring and provide evaluations remain in compliance with current practices, policies, and procedures. Certification Trainers have the authority to recalibrate, encourage, reinforce, advise and support all aspects of the practical exam process, acting in good faith for the betterment and integrity of the practical exam program.

Certification Evaluator Trainers are appointed by the Practical Exam Operations Subcommittee acting on behalf of the ACF Certification Commission. Please contact the ACF Certification Department for more information.

Have questions or need more information? Contact the ACF Certification Department.

Mentor Evaluator Mentor Evaluators—Approved to coach candidates during the apprenticeship process.

Trainer Trainers—Approved to facilitate training sessions and coach candidates during the apprenticeship process.

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