Practical Exam Administrators

Certification and the proper functioning of the practical exams are in the capable hands of the Test Site Administrators and the Certification Evaluators around the country with guidance from the Certification Commission

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  1. Have your site approved.
    1. Review the Practical Test Site Requirements.
    2. Follow administrator guidelines shown in Test Site Administrator Handbook when preparing for your exam.
    3. Complete online application.
  2. Select Certification Evaluators.
    1. Every exam requires three approved Certification Evaluators for up to six candidates. If additional candidates are being tested, separate testing sessions or three more evaluators are required.
    2. Only one of the three evaluators may have an affiliation with an exam candidate. Find approved Certification Evaluators for your exam. Mixing the team of evaluators used by the site is a preferred practice as it gives more evaluators a chance to stay current and it allows for cross training as they learn from one another.
    3. Test Administrators having difficulty-finding evaluators for a practical exam; please contact the local ACF Chapter.
    4. ACF Chapters may help offset travel costs for evaluators who may need to travel longer distances than normal.
  3. Schedule your exam with the online scheduling tool.
  4. Schedule your evaluator training with the online scheduling tool.
  5. ACF will contact you with approval.
  6. Begin coordinating your exam and communicating with candidates and evaluators.


Ensuring that our evaluators and administrators are providing the best opportunities for candidates is of the utmost importance. If you have concerns about an incident, please report to the National Office. We can maintain anonymity, but the only way we know about the situation is when it is reported.

Administrator Resources

Have questions or need more information? Contact the ACF Certification Department.