ACF Certification Commission

The ACF Certification Commission works hard to add value and credibility to ACF certifications. The Commission was formed to guide and strengthen the certification program.

Certification Commission Mission Statement

“The American Culinary Federation Certification Commission, being an autonomous entity within the ACF, is committed to developing, implementing and monitoring a validated process of globally recognized certifications based on skills, knowledge, integrity and equality through an achievable process for all culinary professionals.”

Commission Composition

The Certification Commission is comprised of professionals with diverse experience. Commission members hold different levels of ACF certification. Meet the Commission.

Guiding Documents

Commission Updates

The ACF Certification Commission met in St. Augustine, FL at the main office on August 1, 2018 to discuss actions related to certification levels, including the following:

  • PSI Written Exam Launch
  • Process Changes for Certification Levels
  • Pastry Exam Rewrite
  • CMC Certification exam
  • Policy changes
  • After a magnificent taco food-truck lunch, the Commission began planning strategically for the future of ACF Certification over the next five years. Discussion points including digital badging, national and international accrediting bodies, target or focus groups, and reaching out to corporate organizations for support. In a SWOT analysis, the Commission determined where our areas of strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats were, and discussed specific ideas to strengthen the program as a whole.

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