Upcoming Practical Exams

Below is a chronological listing of upcoming practical exams. To register for a practical exam please click on the link in the listing below. Learn more about the registration process.

DateTitleStateEvent Code
3/2/2020St. Louis Commmunity College, St. Louis, MOMOPE030220A
3/7/2020Columbus State Community College - Columbus, OHOHPE030720A
3/9/2020Art Institute of Atlanta, Atlanta, GAGAPE030920B
3/13/2020Johnson & Wales University - North Miami, FLFLPE031320A
3/14/2020New York City College of Technology, Brooklyn, NYNYPE031420A
3/20/2020Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, ININPE032020A
3/21/2020Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, CACAPE032120B
3/21/2020Scott Community CollegeIAPE032120A
3/28/2020Mott Community College, Flint, MIMIPE032820B
3/28/2020Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, AZAZPE032820A
4/4/2020Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RIRIPE040420A
4/10/2020Utah Valley University - Canyon Park, Orem UTUTPE041020A
4/17/2020Louisiana Culinary Institute, Baton Rouge, LALAPE041720A
4/18/2020Navajo Technical University, Crownpoint, NMNMPE040420B
4/19/2020Anne Arundel Community College (HCAT) - Glen Burnie, MDMDPE041920A
4/25/2020Southeast Community CollegeNEPE042520A
5/1/2020Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte, NCNCPE050120A
5/5/2020Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, MIMIPE050520A
5/9/2020Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School, Marlborough,MAPE050920A
5/22/2020Culinary Institute of Michigan, Port Huron, MIMIPE052220A
5/23/2020Al Pollard Culinary Arts at Virginia Western - Roanoke, VAVAPE052320A
5/29/2020Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, ININPE052920A
6/10/2020Madison CollegeWIPE061020A
6/13/2020Columbus State Community College - Columbus, OHOHPE061320A
10/3/2020Renton Technical College, Renton, WAWAPE100320A
11/20/2020Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, ININPE112020A