ACF Written Exams

Important notice: The ACF certification written exams are now available through the ACF Online Learning Center and can no longer be scheduled with PSI. The CFC/CFPC exams will continue to be scheduled through NOCTI.

Once the applicant has been pre-approved for ACF certification, they will need to identify a proctor and submit the proctor form.

Please contact the ACF certification team at if you need help finding a proctor. Examples of proctors include: school administrator, HR manager, ACF chapter officer, local librarian.

The ACF certification team will send the proctor additional forms to complete. Once verified, the proctor will receive the PIN to release the exam and the applicant can schedule a time and location with the proctor to take the exam.

The applicant can re-test after 14 days should he or she not pass the first time.

Proctor Requirements

The proctor must be a “disinterested third party” with no direct family relationship to the applicant.

The proctor must not be going for the same level of certification as the testing candidate at the same time nor in the near future.


  • Confirm the applicant’s identity by using a photo identification such as a driver’s license.
  • Ensure the applicant does not receive any outside assistance while taking the exam. This includes course materials, help from other persons, prepared notes, and access to other websites. Cell phones must be checked and turned completely off. The student may use a non-programmable calculator.
  • Remain in the presence of the applicant from the time the applicant starts the exam to the time he or she finishes, or until the end of the maximum time allowed for the test, whichever comes first.

Location Requirements

There are no location requirements, however, the applicant will need to have access to:

  • High-speed internet connection
  • Internet browser, Chrome recommended
  • Desktop, laptop or tablet PC recommended, available on mobile device

Accessing the ACF Online Learning Center

The applicant can access the ACF Online Learning Center at

ACF members must log in to their ACF account to access the Online Learning Center. Nonmembers will need to create an ACF online account first. This online account does not include benefits associated with ACF membership.

The exam will be accessible from the home screen or in the Learning Center.

When the candidate is ready to take the exam, they should select the option to start the course. The proctor will be asked to enter the PIN. Then the candidate can start the exam. Candidates will be notified immediately of their scores.

Contact Information

ACF Certification Team
Complete the form
(904) 824-4468