Do you qualify? Pastry Certification Levels

ACF offers 6 pastry certification levels each requiring specific qualifications.

Candidate Handbooks
  • ACF certifications are based on a candidate’s educational and work experience. The requirements help to determine a candidate’s eligibility for a specific level of certification.

Certified Fundamentals Pastry Cook™ (CFPC™): A cook with fundamental knowledge and no experience within a commercial baking and pastry operation.

Certified Pastry Culinarian® (CPC®): An entry level culinarian within a pastry foodservice operation responsible for the preparation and production of pies, cookies, cakes, breads, rolls, desserts or other baked goods.

Certified Working Pastry Chef® (CWPC®): A pastry chef who supervises a pastry section or a shift within a foodservice operation and has considerable responsibility for preparation and production of all pastry items.

Certified Executive Pastry Chef® (CEPC®): A pastry chef who is a department head, usually responsible to the executive chef of a food operation or to the management of a pastry specialty firm. A CEPC® has supervisory responsibility as well as administrative duties.

Certified Master Pastry Chef® (CMPC®): A CMPC® possesses the highest degree of professional knowledge, skill and mastery of cooking techniques as they apply to baking and pastry. A separate application is required, in addition to successfully completing an 8-day testing process judged by peers. Certification as a CEC® or CEPC® is a prerequisite.

Add an Additional Level

Certified Culinary Administrator® (CCA®): This is an executive-level chef who is responsible for the administrative functions of running a professional foodservice operation. This culinary professional must demonstrate proficiency in culinary knowledge, human resources, operational management and business planning skills.

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