Two men wearing white chef coats and holding a three-ring binder and a clipboard

Site Visits

What is a Site Visit?

In order to achieve accreditation, a team of ACFEFAC trained evaluators visit each institution to determine whether the program meets or exceeds the standards of quality set by the Commission. Accreditation is based on the successful outcome of the on-site evaluation.

Secondary, postsecondary and educational programs are visited by the evaluation team both for initial and renewal accreditation after the institution conducts a self-study.

Site Visit Evaluators

The ACFEFAC Evaluation Team for each site visit consists of:

  • Postsecondary
    • Administrative Lead Evaluator
    • Postsecondary educator
    • Industry chef
  • Secondary
    • Administrative Lead Evaluator
    • Educator Evaluator

Scheduled Site Visits